Shameless Faith…Ramble

One of my friends just commented that I’m shameless in my promotion of George Michael. Sony is finally releasing the remastered version of “Faith” today. Finally as in they were going to do it a couple of months ago but then George went to the clink. Where was their “Faith?”

I tell you is this shameless?

George Michael ‘Faith’ Remastered out today. Is that a Monkey I feel on my back? Must’ve had a Hard Day after Kissing A Fool, but you gotta have Faith that it’ll all work out for the best.

A person has to actually know the album in order to promote it so well. And what do I get? The same thing as always, satisfaction of supporting George!

You've GOTTA have FAITH! Again!

Aussies Know What They Like…Ramble

Last year Australians got pissed off and walked out of Britney Spears’ Circus Tour. Apparently they were unaware she lip-syncs. Really? I’ve seen her seven times over the years in different venues. The show is a feel-good sing-along and I believe there’s only been about 400 million articles about this so what’s up my fellow Aussies? How did you not know this? Did you not read any of the reviews she did on the rest of the tour which had, at that point, been going on for over a year?

A couple of weeks ago, Aussies concert goers were again disgusted with none other then I-lost-my-voice-to-drugs-but-I-refuse-to-lip-sync-cause-I’m-Whitney-Dammit-Houston. Headlines before she got there hailed her as having to cancel shows because AC/DC and George Michael’s tours had booked most of the equipment in Australia. If that isn’t ‘the dog ate my homework’ then I don’t know what is. Sure enough, Ms. Crack Is Whack couldn’t deliver vocally with fans streaming out of her show wanting their money back.

Hmm, maybe Whitney should start lip-syncing.

Move over ladies, cause there’s one man that is able to satisfy the ears of Aussies and it is my beloved  George Michael. Yep, I’ve had so many people make snarky comments about giving up the faith but hey none of us is Flawless are we (wink, wink George fans) ? George be on a bizarre spiral of personal out-of-control-pop-star-antics yet Aussies gave him positive reviews. It makes me so happy and I wish I could’ve been there to support him. After all, George pulled a announced he was retiring from touring in 2008 and performed final concerts so it’s great to know he was just pulling a Cher move (saw her on her 1st retirement tour over a decade ago…she is still performing!)  He sang at the Sydney Mardi Gras as a surprize (I’m SO jealous of my friends who were there!!! So jealous, but so happy Georgie is having fun!)

Musical Thoughts on Ash Wednesday…Ramble

Ultimately I’m not as religious as I was as a child. It may have been growing on the same block as my church and getting smacked on the wrist by nuns with 4 inches of rulers held together by rubberbands that did it. I believe in faith for other people and when it helps them that is amazing but when a priest interprets the bible, I don’t know I have other thoughts. Anyway…since it’s Lent and sometimes I give up Lent for Lent, I decided not to do that this year and give up drama and negetative thinking instead. Here are some musical offerings for Lent. Enjoy!

1. George Michael: You gotta have Faith right?

2. Robbie Williams: Bodies — if Jesus really died for me, guess Jesus really tried for me. I have the Cahill Remix here so you can contemplate these questions while you dance baby dance.

3. Coldplay- God Put A Smile Upon Your Face. Well Thank God!

4. P!NK If God Is A DJ… he’d probably like the Cahill Remix of ‘Bodies’ above–oh I’m a cheeky monkey.

5. Crowded House: There Goes God… I’d like to believe there is a God while sinful angels suffer for love.

I’m sorry to say I am not in possession of a copy of my communion photo with my sweet bowl haircut to include. Happy Lent! Happy Thoughts! xx Grrlgenius

George Michael Random Reminders…Ramble

A friend of mine gave me the best gift as a George Michael aficionado & said she didn’t know George sang background vocals on Elton John’s “Nikita” until I added that fact on my Valentine’s Day Mixed Bag Playlist. Of course it got me thinking about some of George’s other duets and other associations fans may have locked away with their teenage diary. (Disclaimer:these are not in chronological order.)

1-3 Aside from ‘Nikita’ on Elton’s “Ice and Fire” album George sang on “Wrap Her Up.” I still love this song. (note GM is not in this video or Nikita) Their number one hit ‘Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’ was the duet version of an already classic EJ song.

4.Jody Watley & George Michael “Learn To Say No.” I didn’t like Ms. Watley at that time and bought the TAPE of her album just for this duet. I do love it.

5. George Michael feat. Whitney Houston  “If Told You That”

6. George Michael & Mary J. Blige “As” now this duet was interesting. It was on the UK version of ‘Ladies & Gentleman’ but Mary J’s camp didn’t want her included on the US version since George had been sprung in the Will Rogers Park in Weho at that point. It did finally get included on his Twenty-five Live greatest hits album though.

7. George & Mutya Buena (formerly of Sugababes, I know you secretly loved them!) “This Is Not Real Love.” Although this isn’t the greatest recording of the song, it’s live and from the show I went to fulfilling a dream- at Earl’s Court in London, 2006. I love when the guy gets into a fight with someone else who is singing too loud. That crowd was very uptight until the second half. My friends & I had a personal minder for the whole show. Rod Stewart was in the tent backstage. Gush gush, there is more because that was the best show I’ve ever seen. EVER! So, um, yeah I’m sticking this one in here.

8. Toby Bourke feat. George Michael “Waltz Away Dreaming” GM’s one artist he put out a single with under his AEGEAN company. According to Toby that was during the time George’s Mum passed and GM lost interest. Sad. I actually sat a few rows in front of GM’s Mum during the taping of his MTV Unplugged, which was the last time she saw him perform. This was something I got the chance to speak to GM about when I met him in LA a few years ago. See how GM is the soundtrack to your life?!

9. Lisa Marie Presley “Dirty Laundry” at about 3:33 seconds in George appears on a bunch of TVs mouthing “kicking when their down.” I mean, this is how much I love George…. I was escorting Lisa Marie out of the Viacom building and I had to say to her- and everyone thought I was going to make an Elvis comment- that I truly loved that she had GM in the video making a cameo. LMP got so happy & smiley (!) when I said that because she is a big GM fan too.

10. A couple of years ago, I did suggest to GM’s camp they have him record a duet in keeping with his love of R&B divas like Aretha Franklin “I Knew You Were Waiting For Me” like I don’t know Christina Aguilera or Alicia Keys but that still hasn’t come to fruition. Damn. Maybe he’ll do one with Lady Gaga. I remember him saying he’d like to duet with J. Timberlake, now how heavy is that?

(ps unfortunately this video is blocked for copyright in the US so you’ll have to view it somewhere else.)

11. It was through a cover of “Freedom”  I was reunited with Robbie Williams post-Take That. It was never released in the US and if you watch this goofy video you’ll see why. It’s not like Robbie’s version made my ears bleed (like a 1 Hilary Duff covering Crowded House ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ did. I certainly bought the single on a trip to London, but it was that it was such a personal song to George, that irked me about it. I rarely listen to this version although it is decent.

12. Beyonce feat. George Michael “If I Were A Boy” – they are labelmates and I am so jealous that I wasn’t at the O2 for this one. I’m sure most of you have seen this one since it was recent enough. Of course, I have another little factoid on this front. Beyonce’s costumes were designed by none other than Thierry Mugler. I picked it out when I saw sketches for the tour that included an outfit with handlebars ala the “Too Funky” video. I found out that there was actually a big falling out over the video as it was co-directed by Mugler but the graphics had a question mark instead of his name. OUCH! I’m sure Mugler wasn’t overly thrilled to see his designs slamming up against GM again but that’s the kind of inside info that makes me appreciate all the time I spent working in entertainment in the past.

George- remember if you are having issues starting that autobiography that was commissioned in 2008, I’m here for you honey. I will ghost write the crap out of that thing! And if I were your domestic I wouldn’t have let some lunatic fan under the floorboards. 😛 I will close there.

Star People, Look At All The Wonderful People…Ramble

Yesterday John Mayer’s Playboy interview proved he has finally reached the ‘how much is enough?’ point.

Here’s a list of those he offended:

1. African Americans using the ‘n’ word and called his penis ‘a white supremicist.’

2. Jennifer Aniston– Lady, you need to stop dating famous men. Follow Selma Hayak and get a big whig businessman who is trained in the art of discretion.

3. Napalm- he called Jessica Simpson ‘sexual napalm.’ I’m sure the government could use her as a fembot.

4. His Loved Ones- in his relentless self-grandizing he finally lost the respect of those around him as evidence by his breakdown on stage last night. This is crushing because now John Mayer the ‘celebrity’ has infiltrated John Mayer the musician onstage. Oh my oh my, dangerous mental breakdown ensueing.

5. Gay people- John seems to be fascinated with gay men. He mentions them frequently in interviews and he admits to kissing Perez Hilton with a horrible hate-fueled tongue kiss (vs. a verbal lashing since apparently Hilton is the only person who talks more than Mayer.)

I dedicate George Michael’s “Star People” to both John and the very-talented and also tormented and now deceased, Alexander McQueen. While more and more Americans go into financial ruin and deeper into depression and fear of losing jobs, I do ask the Universe ‘how much is enough?’

John Mayer was just pushing and saying whatever he wanted like a petulant child until he finally pushed away and crossed people who matter in his life. Mr. McQueen hung himself apparently due to his distress over losing his mother a few days ago. ‘How much is enough?’

Perhaps the pressure of being famous served to amplify the pain for Mr. McQueen, who was one of the most talented young designers in the world. Who else could make tartan so sexy? My heart goes out to his family whose grief is now multiplied and on display for the world.

John, take note from this, don’t go down that road. Don’t isolate yourself and distance yourself from what you really love. Stop playing the games and stop doing interviews for a while. Just leave some things unsaid because it will close in on you in a way that will be too acute if you do. Now you know ‘how much is enough?’ what are you going to do with that lesson?

My Valentine’s Mixed Bag Playlist…Ramble

What would Valentine’s Day week be without a reflection on one’s love life? Several of mine include George Michael and pop music. Let’s have at it!

1. George Michael & Queen “Somebody To Love” pleads ‘Find Me Somebody to Love’ over and over in a musical outpouring of emotion.

2. Glass Tiger featuring fellow Canook, Bryan Adams “Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone” seriously you do take my breath away with that badass 80’s styling:

3. Bryan Adams “Please Forgive Me” – yes Mr. Adams forgive you for rescheduling our interview about 16 times in 3 days. By the time he showed up I was only given 10 minutes which is the worst way to ever go through interviewing someone who’s sold 20 million albums…which you own…on vinyl.

He picked this background. My friends photoshopped wedding outfits on us.

4. Crowded House “Weather With You” every where you go you always take the weather with you …and hopefully that isn’t a maelstorm. Take a summery look at live in this one:

5. Dead or Alive “Brand New Lover” – seriously, we all like a bad boy/girl. Course, as I get older what I really need to do is find a brand new lover or at least one with a sense of humor and a steady paycheck. LOL!

6. Lady Gaga “Love Game” – tired of games? Gaga gets right to the point. And no, she doesn’t want to be friends. Sexy Cupid squeezed her ass and she is going to run with that.

7. Kylie Minogue “Red Blooded Woman” indeed I am. Meow! How can you have a pop love list without le petite Minogue?

8. Natasha Bedingfield “Single” I’m not waiting around for a man to save me but go ahead make a move…or don’t. Course, the blonde bombshell did get hitched last year “I’m not saying I wouldn’t want to fall in love..”

9. Madonna “Cherish” even though Warner’s doesn’t let a girl embed, just hearing the title of this song makes me smile thinking of Madge asking cupid to take his aim at her.

10. Beyonce “Single Ladies” put your hands up

11. Justin Timberlake “Lovestoned” one of my favorite lovesongs. I know, “she’s freaky and she knows it” is the first line but I love to dance to JT & this one is so much fun. The breakdown is sweet. And did I mention I got to premiere this video on Yahoo! JT even recorded a special intro for us. Thanks JT!

12. Coldplay “Lost” hey these are trying times and I can’t get through them without Coldplay.

13.  Arctic Monkeys “Mardy Bum” who hasn’t been there? Why can’t love be easy? Getting into fights over the dumbest crap. Ah no one captures the stupidity of young love like Arctic Monkeys:

14. Snow Patrol “Just Say Yes” to the amazing feeling of wonderment when you hear this one, embrace someone with open arms.

15. Speaking of Snow… Elton John “Nikita” – is it cold where you are? Yes my dear Elton it is. Of course, I also love the fact that George Michael sings background vocals on this one.

15. The Beatles “All You Need is Love” (and water, and a shovel at the moment, still this is just one of the best songs ever and made the movie ‘Love Actually’ so special.)

16. Bjork “It’s Oh So Quiet” hits like a thunderbolt of love. The interesting use of this song on ‘Flash Forward’ plunged the world into chaos in just four minutes. Zing boom indeed!

17. Tori Amos “A Sorta Fairytale” live and beautiful as always the Ginger Goddess delivers.

18. Janet Jackson “Love Will Never Do Without You” and really, I mean that, Eric Bana I do.

19. Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera “Nobody Wants To Be Lonely” or do without crazy lip liner & hair extentions. How could it take me this long to add a duet?

20. Gwyneth Paltrow & Huey Lewis “Crusin'” — it went to No.1 in Australia. Woot.

21. Vanessa Amorosi “Absolutely Everybody” in the whole wide world needs love, that includes you kid!

22. INXS “Never Tear Us Apart” oh Michael you are beyond us now, but remain just as sexy as ever in this lovely live version.

23. Howard Jones “I’d Like To Get To Know You Well” and who wouldn’t that line work on?

George Michael on X-Factor…Ramble

For those that live in the US, if you missed George on Britain’s X-Factor (the original Idol), he sounds amazing as ever in the duet of ‘The Sun Going Down on Me’ with contestant Joe. If I had a chance to sing with George I would have picked ‘Flawless’ or ‘Star People’  so we could have a bit of a dance as well. If I had George serenading me I would definitely have picked ‘Kissing A Fool’ which I saw him only perform in the US and not in the UK. Such a great bevy of choices.

I know everyone loves ‘The Sun Going Down On Me’ but it’s really an Elton John song that became a duet. Why are people so unoriginal in their George picks? There are some amazing duets he has done with Aretha, Whitney, and Sade. I would love an album of all George duets! Playlist time!

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