My Five Favorite Pop Videos of 2011…Ramble

There was a millisecond when I couldn’t get enough of’Pumped Up Kicks’ by Foster The People which ended abruptly when I heard it mixed into a mix with actual pop music on Z100. This was just not the place for them and it was so jarring. While anything that makes Top 40 radio is then ‘pop’ as in ‘popular’ music, rhymically there are ebbs and flows and it slowed the flow down inside a otherwise dance music marathon. Here’s are my favorite pure pop videos of the year.

5. Britney Spears “Dancing Til The World Ends” – dance, or at least motion like you are dancing Britney. I have to give props for my fellow December baby who turned 30 the first week of the month and who’s mantoy Jason turns 40 today. Double December Couple?! Powerful. If you want to see Jason’s torso watch Britney’s “Criminal” video, but if you wanna dance you’ve come to the right place.

4. Swedish House Mafia “Save The World” there is seriously nothing as pure as canine love. When you come home and this little soul comes to find you and just lift your spirits, it is a thing of beauty. Hats off to SHM who champion the healing power of canine love.

3. Selena Gomez & The Scene “Love You Like A Love Song” there is no denying I would like this one on repeat-eat-eat-eat. It’s fun, it’s young and appeals to the karaoke lover in me, plus I sing this to my Frenchie when we are in the car. It brings me back to my Disney Days working for the Mouse House. I love the sassy Ms. Gomez and this song was an instant favorite as soon as I heard it.

2. Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris “We Found Love (In A Hopeless Place)” did they meet at work? No, more like a rave that morphed into a crack den, but this tune is undeniable and we see Riri acting. This one shows off quite nicely the trend of director’s treating videos like films with title credits and story plots.

And finally….

1. David Guetta “Where Them Girls At?” feat. Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida. I love a great party song and this one hits it right on the head.

Aussies Know What They Like…Ramble

Last year Australians got pissed off and walked out of Britney Spears’ Circus Tour. Apparently they were unaware she lip-syncs. Really? I’ve seen her seven times over the years in different venues. The show is a feel-good sing-along and I believe there’s only been about 400 million articles about this so what’s up my fellow Aussies? How did you not know this? Did you not read any of the reviews she did on the rest of the tour which had, at that point, been going on for over a year?

A couple of weeks ago, Aussies concert goers were again disgusted with none other then I-lost-my-voice-to-drugs-but-I-refuse-to-lip-sync-cause-I’m-Whitney-Dammit-Houston. Headlines before she got there hailed her as having to cancel shows because AC/DC and George Michael’s tours had booked most of the equipment in Australia. If that isn’t ‘the dog ate my homework’ then I don’t know what is. Sure enough, Ms. Crack Is Whack couldn’t deliver vocally with fans streaming out of her show wanting their money back.

Hmm, maybe Whitney should start lip-syncing.

Move over ladies, cause there’s one man that is able to satisfy the ears of Aussies and it is my beloved  George Michael. Yep, I’ve had so many people make snarky comments about giving up the faith but hey none of us is Flawless are we (wink, wink George fans) ? George be on a bizarre spiral of personal out-of-control-pop-star-antics yet Aussies gave him positive reviews. It makes me so happy and I wish I could’ve been there to support him. After all, George pulled a announced he was retiring from touring in 2008 and performed final concerts so it’s great to know he was just pulling a Cher move (saw her on her 1st retirement tour over a decade ago…she is still performing!)  He sang at the Sydney Mardi Gras as a surprize (I’m SO jealous of my friends who were there!!! So jealous, but so happy Georgie is having fun!)

Brit Brit New Single is…Ramble

1,2,3 listen to ‘3′it’s nice when everybody loves Britney. I don’t really understand people/hipsters/scenesters who say they love pop & try to deny Britney’s supreme dance powers. Those are the same self-righteous ho’s getting wasted and grinding with their girlfriends to your songs the second the DJ throws them on with a cry of ‘I love thisssss sooonggggg!’

Even though we’re just happy Britney is okay on the Circus Tour, Britney you are still working it. We are pulling for you. She knows it. She courts it. She moves in mysterious ways, keeping us wondering if she is the ringleader or a puppet. In the meantime I’m glad to kick off 4th quarter, the record industry’s make it or break it time with a new single from Britney to burrow into our brains, which soccer moms will justify listening with a ‘there’s counting.’

While Ms. Spears is upright, working and strutting out her booty, her label is going to get her to work. I was happy to see her get the clothing line with Kohl’s so she can continue to pay K-Fed off every month.

The measure of a good Britney song/Does ‘3‘ deliver?
1) Does your ass start wiggling? Yes, look out busted ankle it’s time to get poppin’
2) Is there plenty of suggestive ‘ohhs’ and Britney grunts? Yes!
3) Are critics looking for insights into Britney’s head? Hell ya and it’s funny. No wonder the newspaper business is in trouble. Newsflash Britney shows up, does 1-3 takes, then she is peace out onto the next thing.
4) West Hollywood was already bumping to it last night: Weho be Britney ho’s so they were all over it right away.
5) What are you waiting for? If you haven’t heard 3 yet click here.

Although ‘3’ isn’t my favorite Britney song, it puts a smile on my face and wiggle in my step.


On Friday there was a bit of an adventure in the air as I was about to see you ‘live’ in concert for the 7th time Brit Brit. The first time was opening for N’Sync at Universal Theatre many moons ago. 

Having, myself, been apathetic in general for the last couple of months, a stirring of excitement arose awaiting my friend, Red, to get off the train on Long Island where I was picking her up to head to Nassau Coliseum. 


Seriously, I heart you Brit
Seriously, I heart you Brit




We wondered what train line our friends were talking about that let them off two blocks from the venue but were happy to drive on over there in MINI style. After being cutoff by an octagenerian, calling him a perv – he had no kids in the car that looked remotely appropo of your fanbase, we tried to find parking. Then we found the hold-up was some jackass selling faux t-shirts…for Fleetwood Mac. Seriously? Holding up the line and not even selling the right t-shirts. 

When we got the door, our tickets didn’t work. Red told the ticket taker that the tickets were from the label. It was at this point, that the issue of the venue came up– this isn’t the Prudential Center? Uh, no. I assumed it was at Nassau Coliseum and we proceeded that way ….after Googlemapping the Prudential Center, we hopped in the MINI and raced to Newark, NJ to see your Circus.

It was a circus indeed.


Crack That Whip
Crack That Whip



Pasties, dance interludes a plenty, video montages to remind us just how long we loved you and the girl screaming next to me how she was turned on by ‘white trash’ and wanted to marry you. Um what? Well, that wasn’t the strangest part of the “Freak Show.”

Didn't see anything hanging out....
Didn't see anything hanging out....



Many make comments that there were a lot of interludes indeed- hey if this lets us have you ‘back’ and happy, and smiling, then I’m all for it. The one part I would remove is the Verizon clown interlude, it made no sense. I did love the dancer mash-up to current music as you could instantly tell what your audience loves- um, sorry ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ but M.I.A was not recognized (except by us older folks.)

Back to you Brit , it was amazing to see “Touch Of My Hand”

Another day without a lover, the more I understand the touch of my hand
Another day without a lover, the more I understand the touch of my hand

your self-exploratory song which you performed in a bathtub last time round, and was visually exciting to see you lifted and spinning through the air and sitting on two dancers. I would say that was the highlight of the show for me as well as “Toxic”- those sparkle pants were killer. 


Sparkle pants are hot.
Sparkle pants are hot.




As always, the great big sing-along was entertaining and a blast. I did wonder why there were no elephants at your circus but you have enough to deal with as it is! I’ve seen you end up all wet, this time round there were still sparkles and fire. In this hard economic time, when life has been throwing punch after punch, it’s important to have fun and give into some fun people. 


Shower yourself in fun
Shower yourself in fun



xx, Grrlenius in BK


Feel The Joy
Feel The Joy


Sorry P.C.D. we totally missed your set and I wanted to see your ‘Bottle Pop’ but have to settle for dancing around in my apartment to ‘Doll Domination’ instead.