Aussies Know What They Like…Ramble

Last year Australians got pissed off and walked out of Britney Spears’ Circus Tour. Apparently they were unaware she lip-syncs. Really? I’ve seen her seven times over the years in different venues. The show is a feel-good sing-along and I believe there’s only been about 400 million articles about this so what’s up my fellow Aussies? How did you not know this? Did you not read any of the reviews she did on the rest of the tour which had, at that point, been going on for over a year?

A couple of weeks ago, Aussies concert goers were again disgusted with none other then I-lost-my-voice-to-drugs-but-I-refuse-to-lip-sync-cause-I’m-Whitney-Dammit-Houston. Headlines before she got there hailed her as having to cancel shows because AC/DC and George Michael’s tours had booked most of the equipment in Australia. If that isn’t ‘the dog ate my homework’ then I don’t know what is. Sure enough, Ms. Crack Is Whack couldn’t deliver vocally with fans streaming out of her show wanting their money back.

Hmm, maybe Whitney should start lip-syncing.

Move over ladies, cause there’s one man that is able to satisfy the ears of Aussies and it is my beloved  George Michael. Yep, I’ve had so many people make snarky comments about giving up the faith but hey none of us is Flawless are we (wink, wink George fans) ? George be on a bizarre spiral of personal out-of-control-pop-star-antics yet Aussies gave him positive reviews. It makes me so happy and I wish I could’ve been there to support him. After all, George pulled a announced he was retiring from touring in 2008 and performed final concerts so it’s great to know he was just pulling a Cher move (saw her on her 1st retirement tour over a decade ago…she is still performing!)  He sang at the Sydney Mardi Gras as a surprize (I’m SO jealous of my friends who were there!!! So jealous, but so happy Georgie is having fun!)


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