Everybody’s Got a Random…Ramble

Here’s what is not so random Gwyneth is back on Glee reprising her role as a substitute teacher. This time she’s subbing as the Sex Ed Teacher. Let the games begin!

If you missed it click below:


Paltrow’s role as the quirky Holly Holiday is one of her best and most endearing to audiences to date. Painted normally as uptight, Holiday allows Gwyneth to show off her sense of humor and her vocal chops. She glows with GLEE.

Gleek Out…Ramble

Tonight is the season premiere of “Glee” which usually brings just that to it’s army of Gleeks. Rumors always abound about celebrity involvement. I’m happy to say this season includes rumors of George Michael and Gwyneth Paltrow! So while the net swarms with rumors, here are some suggestions for the writers:

My suggestions for the George song selection:

1) Freedom: insert your prison break joke here, come on, get it out of the way. Now Mercedes singing this song will bring the house down.

2) Amazing: Kurt has struggled with trying to please his dad and was even willing to hook up with a girl. Can’t the kid get a true romance?

3) I’m Your Man: Finn and Rachel (snooze they bore me) fans love their off-on attraction game- let’s just put them together as a couple already and move on this is high school after all!

4) I Want Your Sex: Puck to himself.

Moving on to Gwyneth is a tad bit trickier. Coldplay turned down Glee, as did Kings of Leon.(Personally, I don’t think KOL’s 2 “hits” could populate an entire episode.) Since GP is being positioned for her country movie and a love interest for Mr. Schuester….

I Heart Jane Lynch…Ramble

Some might say dry snark can be petty and one note, but Jane Lynch now of Glee and those ads with Julia Louis-Dreyfus has made dry snark an art. I loved her as the mother of Will Farrell in ‘Talladega Nights’ and as the evil-desperately-clinging-to-her-youth step mother in ‘The Cinderella Story 2’ as she tormented the wonderful, sassy Selena Gomez.

It is her role as Sue Silvester on ‘Glee’ where she uses her snark to it’s peak of awesome. Here is real life openly gay Jane Lynch as Sue in one of the funniest pieces about ‘Sneaky Gays.’ Snark Jane Snark. Laugh at Jane’s snarking Bobby.