Baby Love 7…Ramble

Elle has been busy making new friends, exploring the Tri-State area and enchanting every dog, woman (“We have kids to attract puppies), man (“she is the cutest puppy ever!) and child (“lick my face!!!! giggle giggle giggle). We even had a couple of people follow us into the lobby of our building! Hope you enjoy her adventures!

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Baby Love 2…Ramble

Oh my naughty, lil stubborn bulldog is testing me. She is trying to chew on many things including my toes! Ouch.

Potty training is hard, I refuse to go further

Oh mon petit chien you are a delightful little minx! Once someone comes up to pet you, suddenly you become a delicate snorting flower of happiness and forget you didn’t want to be outside a moment ago.

Your human loves you sooooooo much I’m going to throw you a puppy shower. Yes, that’s right! In order to keep you in the manner to which you French ladies like to be aka chic & more stylish than me we have to outfit you as such.

xx Human Mommy

Baby Love…Ramble

I was reading Jennifer Weiner’s first book Good In Bed (it’s really great b-tee-dubs as @brianistuft would say) last weekend. The main character is a newspaper reporter who has a dog she is very passionate about & there are just pages of awesomeness when it comes to talking about every writer should have a dog. She’s not the only writer or person that feels that way but the heart was open to it & it all came together as finally being the┬áright time. Today I finally got to get my baby…. so here she is introducing Elle.

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