George Michael is on Twitter!!!!….Ramble

Can I just tell you what it means to me to have @GeorgeMichael on Twitter? I have been a fan, met the man, got into the music industry because of him and now, bam, ole Georgie bangs onto Twitter- with a verified account no less. Hats off to management for launching like that.

Now I can let George know important things like :if I were your (Eur)asian you wouldn’t have found fans under the floorboards ….if I were your (Eur)asian I’d teach you to be a Digital Ninja.

These are the important things to tell your favorite musicians.

I’d like to see a convo between GM, Elton John and Bono after that Guardian interview. Bitch slapping begins!

I think you're Amazing dadada


Shameless Faith…Ramble

One of my friends just commented that I’m shameless in my promotion of George Michael. Sony is finally releasing the remastered version of “Faith” today. Finally as in they were going to do it a couple of months ago but then George went to the clink. Where was their “Faith?”

I tell you is this shameless?

George Michael ‘Faith’ Remastered out today. Is that a Monkey I feel on my back? Must’ve had a Hard Day after Kissing A Fool, but you gotta have Faith that it’ll all work out for the best.

A person has to actually know the album in order to promote it so well. And what do I get? The same thing as always, satisfaction of supporting George!

You've GOTTA have FAITH! Again!

5 Questions with @mrlippman…Ramble

I met @mrlippman when I had just started working at Yahoo! He and Michael Lippman came by to talk about premiering a Rob Thomas video and at the end they revealed they were in business with my favorite artist, George Michael in the U.S. again. An audible gasp was all I could respond in my utter amazement. George is my musical Highlander after all so it thrills me to have Nick Lippman as the first music artist manager answer 5 Questions!

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Vocation: Artist Manager, VP, Business Development
Sign: Virgo!!!!

1. As part of your job as an artist manager, you took the plunge with Matchbox Twenty on USB keys. What made the idea stand out from all the other items you get pitched?

We at Lippman Entertainment are always looking to be at the forefront of the music industry, technology is the forefront and new avenues of music distribution are what we are all trying to wrap our heads around. When I saw the USB wristbands I was immediately drawn to the meshing of simplicity and technology. The key to the wristband was that it was not just a wristband, but an album, artwork and it was reusable flash drive, meaning that it could also hold more information than we had preloaded so fans and consumers got great value for their money. We were very happy with how the wristband has turned out for us and our fans.

2. What are the biggest challenges working with established artists vs. breaking in new artists?

The biggest challenges working with an established band in today’s industry is getting them on board with all the new social media and the role the band has to take part in to keep the consumers interested. The old album cycle, tour, single on radio etc… days are over. What was once considered “selling out” is now considered a necessity to survive.

Breaking a new artist is a different difficult challenge. The new artists understand all of the above that needs to go on but they do not comprehend “quality control”. Just posting something to post it may have a negative effect even thought the band/artist thinks that fans want content, which they do, but be careful about what kind of content and keeping that content consistent with the image of the band. One key I always tell new bands is to stay away from posting inside jokes, the public doesn’t understand them and they are now more alienated than they were before. Fans want to feel like they know the band and are a part of the team. Also with the declining of tour sales, more established acts are being packaged with other known acts leaving lees room to take on an unknown band and help them get discovered.

3. With the advent of YouTube, the market is flooded with so many hopeful artists. Do you it as a discovery tool?

I honestly don’t look at YouTube as a discovery tool, I look at you tube as a follow-up tool. If I am turned on to a band and really like the music, I will go to you tube to try to see if I can see some live footage to make sure the band can play the songs and has a presence. It’s easy to be fooled buy things such as “plays” and how much people watch something on you tube, MySpace, etc. so I personally don’t look at those stats unless its something I am pursuing then I want to find out the “truth” behind the numbers.

4. What advice would you give to a new artist on finding a manager?

There are a number of things I would advise but here are the main ones. Find someone who is WELL CONNECTED but also WELL RESPECTED in the business. Relationships are the MOST IMPORTANT thing in the business and more so is the REPUTATION of the manager. Make sure the manager is well versed on the internet, social media and new media worlds. Also make sure the manager is aware of the NEW MODEL of the record industry and is not just trying to do the whole major label deal as the only route thing… It is worth the investment in a great manager but all artists need to understand it’s still and always will be about the songs. A manager can get you to the most important people in the biz, but if the music is not there then nothing will happen. Finally make sure your manager believes in YOU, your music and where you want to go. You need someone who doesn’t give a fuck if they hear 100 no’s because they believe and will work for that all important YES.

5. You are part of The New Atlantians founded by fellow artist manager Anthony Cordova. Could you explain what the group’s purpose is?

The purpose of the New Atlantians for me is being a part of something bigger than yourself. Anthony (Cordova) is one of the few people in the world i truly admire. He does things with his heart and looks to do whats best for the world. I admire that and strive to be like that myself. The New Atlantians is a place for me to being amongst like-minded and equally as hard-working people all trying to make a change for the better in all aspects of our lives, where we can count on each other to help both philanthropical and on the business end. I have been to over 14 events and have made some life long friends, have done business with them and have been a part of numerous charity events. I am proud to be a part of the New Atlantians.

Gleek Out…Ramble

Tonight is the season premiere of “Glee” which usually brings just that to it’s army of Gleeks. Rumors always abound about celebrity involvement. I’m happy to say this season includes rumors of George Michael and Gwyneth Paltrow! So while the net swarms with rumors, here are some suggestions for the writers:

My suggestions for the George song selection:

1) Freedom: insert your prison break joke here, come on, get it out of the way. Now Mercedes singing this song will bring the house down.

2) Amazing: Kurt has struggled with trying to please his dad and was even willing to hook up with a girl. Can’t the kid get a true romance?

3) I’m Your Man: Finn and Rachel (snooze they bore me) fans love their off-on attraction game- let’s just put them together as a couple already and move on this is high school after all!

4) I Want Your Sex: Puck to himself.

Moving on to Gwyneth is a tad bit trickier. Coldplay turned down Glee, as did Kings of Leon.(Personally, I don’t think KOL’s 2 “hits” could populate an entire episode.) Since GP is being positioned for her country movie and a love interest for Mr. Schuester….

A Hiring Suggestion for George Michael….Ramble

Every time George Michael makes the news I don’t even need to check Google Alerts due to all the emails, phonecalls and text messages from friends. Grazie Ragazzi. Here’s how I feel about the incidents:

5 Questions with @grrlgenius…Ramble

Look at Elle's ears!

Inspired by Mr. Billy Idol I should be dancing by myself, oh, oh oh, oh. My take? Why not interview myself today?

Location: Brooklyn!
Vocation: Writer & Digital Content Guru
Sign: Capricorn. Officially even though I’m a cusp with Sag

1) What’s so important about June 25th?

If you read this blog or know me at all you know I have loved George Michael for a very long time! Today is his birthday.

Last year I found a letter that I wrote tucked into a biography about George Michael. I had pulled it out to give it another read in honor of George’s birthday. I intended to create my first vlog posting, but then very quickly the day became about the passing of two other stars. Today, I finally have made the vlog. Please let me know what you think:

2) What are some of your favorite George Michael moments?

I got to fulfill a dream seeing him at Earl’s Court in London. We had a V.I.P. minder who took us through to a private tent. Rod Stewart was there but even more impressive there were journos and other George Michael staffers who had been with Wham! to China. It was an amazing night. George’s U.S. manager brought us a bottle of the wine he’d been drinking with George. It certainly beat waiting out for tickets overnight at Madison Square Garden and then realizing I had a fan club membership card back up at school which guaranteed me seats in the first ten rows. Simply amazing.

Meeting George wasn’t too shabby either. 🙂

3) Onto your current obsession. How did you decide to get a dog? (aka become Crazy Dog Lady)

Whoosh hot times in the city!

I have wanted a puppy for a while but didn’t think my lifestyle suited it. When I worked at Yahoo! a friend made a comment I’d be a terrible mommy because I was at work so much and travelling.

This year it seemed more like a growing need to care for a pup. I read Jennifer Weiner’s first book, Good in Bed. The main character is a journalist who feels very strongly every single person and every writer should have a dog. Then I got my tax refund…and saw a photo from the breeder…..and fell in love.

Elle makes me laugh every day. She is the most adorable creature and I’m so lucky she chose me.

4) Any advice on how to pick a breed?

Do your research. Frenchies don’t have the best breathing systems so they don’t do well in the heat. You have to monitor them closely and make sure to always have water on hand so they don’t over do it and have a heart attack.

Many quotes include “Frenchies like to be pleased but do not care about pleasing you.” In getting to know the breed I spent time with other Frenchies, watched everything and read books on Frenchies. It kept surfacing they were clown dogs. They do well in apartments and love people and dogs.

Some people like the look of a big dog. A Great Dane doesn’t need a lot of exercise and isn’t necessarily that social, while a St. Bernard can get to the size of a small bear and needs lots of exercise. You want a bear in your apartment? Yikes!

Review the laws in your state and price out things like insurance, licenses, vet fees, common health issues and which shots your dog requires. Dog sit for a friend. You should also read up on behaviour and potty training. Sites like, Dogbook (application) and the ASPCA are really helpful with a lot of information.

5) What makes you so passionate about recognizing Women in Tech?

The stats of women getting engineering degrees is on a huge downward slide. I have female friends from Yahoo! who dropped out of it because they didn’t like the way men treated them. Then I went to SXSWi this year and found myself in a meeting with several female groups. They all wanted to put down the Silicon Alley groups. WHAT?!

This is one thing that drives me crazy about minorities of any sort. Once a minority gets empowered they just want to take down others… just like when the Democrats regained control of Congress. The infighting means nothing gets done and in the end regular citizens wind up screwed.

As for women in tech, it felt like every time we made some positive connections another person would complain.One graphic designer said she wasn’t a women in tech– I told her any connection with digital be it on the content end, or marketing or encoding makes you a woman in tech.

As a group we are still pushing our way through the doors for recognition and yet, we don’t want help other factions or ask special treatment while men will run over us and push us off a cliff for an extra high-five. In the words of Queen Latifah, let’s get some

U-N-I-T-Y I’m not a bitch or a ho.