Tribeca Film Festival Rocks…Ramble

It’s no secret that I love George Michael, laughing or rom-coms. I’ve also become quite fond of all things French in the last two years. (Note to self should try to learn more French than Dior, Chanel and Guerlain.)

The other night I went to a charming French film staring Vanessa Paradis (aka Johnny Depp’s gorgeous life partner) called Heartbreakers– not to be confused with the Jennifer Love Hewitt-Sigourney Weaver-Jason Lee comedy.  The film is about a team who break up unsuitable couples- only if the woman seems unhappy. It’ could’ve gone so disastrously wrong. However,   the ride ‘Heartbreakers’ takes audiences on includes seduction by singing ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go’ and reenacting the final dance sequence from ‘Dirty Dancing.’

Hey, you had me at Wham! It was the best use of a Wham! song since Zoolander when the male models die while having a gasoline fight. (One look!)

Romain Duris was exactly the time of ridiculous, but yet somehow plausible heartbreaker who woos women away from their unsuitable partners, showing them they deserve better- not with him because he is too broken to love ‘again’ -thus setting them free from the idiots they were suffering with for whatever reason.

My delight was also at the power of having an ‘A’ pink pass to the festival. I was delayed by a neighbour who -shocker-wanted to bond over our dogs. Sorry lady I cut it out when you start asking me if you look like a senior (you do, I’m well-versed in seniors and an immediate family member still gets carded 8 years plus after becoming an official senior) and pointing out your car to impress me. Peace out while I fled to Manhattan to see ‘Heartbreakers’ to a packed audience- the filmmakers even gave up their row to accommodate people. Kudos! The staff were so kind as to find me a physical chair! Seriously A-list fabulousity.

Once the Wham! sequence happened I thought I was in pure heaven, but I must admit my favorite part involved a quite unexpected seduction gone wrong by Helena Noguerra, who plays Vanessa’s character, Juliet’s nympho-breast-baring-friend. Shazam I am in love with the whole cast. Congrats to the whole team. I hope you find distribution in the US so others can share in the hilarity and sweetness of Heartbreakers.


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