Roar + Brave Mash-Up

Roar + Brave Mash-Up

I have to hand it to Katy Perry & Sara Bareilles for having the most catchy tunes I can’t get out of my head – after one listen! I’m now obsessed with this remix and have it on replay over and over and over again. Kudos to on this mash-up to:

MixmstrStel 2

Someone stop me, no, please don’t because we should all BRAVELY ROAR! Again, again.


Crush of The Week: Katy Perry…Ramble

It might be shocking to read that headline, after all I’ve been very honest while I think Katy’s hits are fun, she’s not the greatest vocalist. It irks me how many notes she doesn’t quite hit and perhaps she could realize being an alto is sexy too. 

I have always recognized she can write a hook and really catchy songs. What makes Katy my crush is her ability to make life so damn enjoyable even signing her divorce papers with a smiley face. I also admire the fact she has come clean regarding “Part of Me” not being about Russell Brand. In fact, the song was written and leaked in 2010 but didn’t make her album “Teenage Dreams.”

While it is just extremely excellent timing and it could even be more a marketing genius move to come clean, Ms. Perry I had to buy this song on iTunes and support you! Image

My Five Fave Funny Videos 2011….. Ramble

Making em laugh and they’ll always come back. This is my advice over and over to which some listen and perhaps doubled their social media because of it, and some ignored are on the outskirts of life! Just kidding.

These are my favorite funny videos of the year:

5. Katy Perry “Last Friday Night”- wait, what? You know while I’m not a great fan of Katy’s when she sings out of her range, I love that she can write a great pop song and this video is hilarious. Who doesn’t want Debbie Gibson as their mom?!!

4. K$sha “Blow”- Unicorns. Van Der Beek. Lasers. We’re young and we’re bored.

3. Thom Yorke “Single Ladies” – originally Radiohead’s ‘Lotus Flower’ amped up to remind us that “Single Ladies” is the greatest song to dance to since the invention of Beyonce’s booty. This spawned many other syncs of the dance to “Milkshake” and “Safetydance” as well as giving Thom some guns to kill The Biebs, but this one is still my favorite.

2. Sara Bareilles “Gonna Get Over You” – very nearly almost forget Sara’s best video ever! Who hasn’t danced down shopping aisles losing themselves in the moment?

And finally… anyone who worked with me will appreciate and know that I brainwashed them to use this song as a stress release and made it into my personal themesong, often coming in to find I uh, threw a lot of stuff on the ground…..thanks to Beth, Frank, Nat, Michelle and Renata for helping me pick that shit up off the ground.

1. The Lonely Island “Threw It On The Ground”

I do want to mention an honorable mention: The Lonely Island feat. Michael Bolton “Jack Sparrow.” I became obsessed with this song from the first time I heard it in a meeting, which was awful because then I didn’t have my own copy to listen to ad nauseum for another couple of months. When the video came out, I think I had it on repeat 24/7 for at least a week. I would walk down the street busting out ‘Life is a box of chocolates and my name is Forrest Gump.’ Not better.

Exactly on Target…Ramble

I get to go to my fair share of conferences. Panels and open discussion forums can quickly digress into personal agendas (see Bandwidth Conference, but perhaps the music industry just isn’t mature enough to progress but only rehash because it can’t get out of it’s won way).

This week I flew out to Indiana for the first time for the Exact Target (that’s a two word title folks, no affliation with Target retail stores but that is part of my story too), a back-end hub for email, web and marketing intiatives online. This conference was so well organized, they had buses waiting for participants to take us to the hotel. Registration took all of two minutes.

I was a little bummed to realize the conference was starting the same day as Target’s Missioni sale, but fortunately I had just enough time to order a few pieces online before I left for the airport- although the net being slow at the time, I’m super bummed I didn’t scoop up a few more of the homeware pieces. I think this is the first time they have launched one of the designer collections on a week day ultimately leading to the Target servers crashing. I digress… here are some of my personal highlights from the Exact Target conference:

1. Starting with keynotes the focus of the conference was the Power of One (also a really great book of that same title by Bryce Courtney is one you might want to check out darlings!). I believe in the power of one. One person can make a difference and there’s nothing that makes that easier than the Internet and it’s tools.

2. Keynote speaker Jimmy Wales founder of Wikipedia talking about the collective “ones” who make up the world’s free encyclopedia. Wales broke down his contributors are 86% male, somewhat due to the complicated code needed to update parts of the site. This isn’t a sexist statement because as I’ve referred to in the past, females enrolling and graduating with engineering degrees are down since lower than the were in the 70’s. Wales gave further insight saying their’s is an authoritative website and there’s nothing man like to do more than talk authoritatively about subjects they no nothing about 🙂

3. Everyone is a winner! My coworker and I both won $5 bucks and $5 dollar Starbucks Gift Certificates. There were notes each night as motivation in our hotel rooms along with treats and even the baseball field next to the hotel was branded with “Exact Target.” Free goodies were plentiful wherever you looked.

4. I attended a panel with someone from NASA. Seriously if that is not the coolest social media job ever than you need to rethink your American Dream. 🙂

5. Katy Perry in concert was part of the conference. Seriously. Now Katy can write a great hook and some really catchy tunes, but Katy could you stop with the gross-out humor and writing for a soprano when you are an alto? I share that same fate and honey, nothing is sexier than hitting the right notes.

6. Meeting an English Bullie named Blue. Turns out Blue is the mascot for Butler University. When I was informed of that fact I recalled watching something on TV about him. Celebrity Mascots. Love it! Blue was asked to sit, instead, shiny waxed floor had him spralled out on his belly on his attempt.

7. Being amongst digital people who want to improve from all sorts of backgrounds. My people!

8. I went on stage for an award. You know I can’t miss a photo op!

Overall I would say this was my favorite conference this year- sorry SX you totally jumped the shark a few years ago for me and now I just endure you.