Crush of The Week: Katy Perry…Ramble

It might be shocking to read that headline, after all I’ve been very honest while I think Katy’s hits are fun, she’s not the greatest vocalist. It irks me how many notes she doesn’t quite hit and perhaps she could realize being an alto is sexy too. 

I have always recognized she can write a hook and really catchy songs. What makes Katy my crush is her ability to make life so damn enjoyable even signing her divorce papers with a smiley face. I also admire the fact she has come clean regarding “Part of Me” not being about Russell Brand. In fact, the song was written and leaked in 2010 but didn’t make her album “Teenage Dreams.”

While it is just extremely excellent timing and it could even be more a marketing genius move to come clean, Ms. Perry I had to buy this song on iTunes and support you! Image


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