The Real Fashion Bitches…Ramble

Our favorite canine fashionista, Mrs. Sizzle asked for Elle to come to Lincoln Center for a Fashion Week this past Saturday. As soon as we arrived it was a whirlwind of activity and visual adventures in every direction.








Mrs. Sizzle has partnered with Swatch for a new line called Me and My Pet. See the Frenchie-faced watch I am showing Elle in the photos? Maybe it’s time to start wearing a watch again, instead of relying on my smartphone for the time.

From Hound & Tooth – a new fashion law of adorable socks for dogs, to Andy Duran and his blonde pomp, to Ruby Fang and Fashionsta Beca Alexander, Elle loved being in the spotlight. We even met a nice teenager walking away from Lincoln Center.

However, as the temperatures dropped, our excitement turned to disappointment. While waiting in a long queue outside Marc Jacob’s BookMarc, Elle started to shake. Despite a 6 p.m. kick-off for a charity event with Love Magazine, the line did not move for two hours. That was, until the arrival at 7 p.m. of Kendal Jenner. I am here nor there with Kendal, but I really wanted Elle to meet Marc’s dogs- Choo Choo Charlie and Neville Jacobs. It was a bummer to realize the non-moving queue was orchestrated to create maximum buzz around Kendal and Gigi Hamad switching places while hundreds of people froze for several hours in a line that wrapped around the block.

Once Elle started to shake we left. Fashion is a wonderful source of inspiration and fun, but Elle’s health comes first. Once I started walking, I realized my toes were numb. Thankfully there was no frostbite, but we still felt the ice.


Tay Tay Swift Needs This…Ramble

Tay Tay Swift Needs This...Ramble

Today, like a lot of woman, I’m a bit bummed about Taylor’s quotes from her upcoming Vanity Fair cover story. Really, you’re mad at Tina Fey & Amy Poehler over their joke to stay away from Michael J. Fox’s son? C’mon Taylor. You had a pout on your face almost the whole night at The Golden Globes especially when Adele won for ‘Skyfall’, but is that reason to be down on the whole night and say there is a special place in hell for Tina?

I like you. I’ve met you professionally, gone to see you fifth row center in New Jersey (!). I dig your mini-movie audition for the music video “Trouble”. You are young, talented and you give back so much. Here’s the thing though, you do put and profit highly from your relationships with dudes, most of those have been high profile guys also in the public eye. So, don’t you think a comic is going to joke now and then? It wasn’t even that bad. And what’s with not commenting on your relationships but authorizing a close source to do so? What?! Is the source your diary?! Is it your mom?!

Taylor lighten up a little. You are amazing and generous on so many levels. Get yourself a copy of Tina Fey’s “Bossypants” and you will understand she has been fighting the good fight for women her whole life.

Seriously, if I were you I’d be more annoyed by this:

And maybe watch this again:

826’s Chickens In Love…Ramble

Don’t worry single ladies, Chickens in Love is not about scrubs finding each other. It’s the adorable name by children for the online pledge-a-thon fundraiser, full-length album, and a mini music festival which benefits LA music programs.

Here’s the scoop on this amazing project:

A lyric writing workshop hosted by LA band The Submarines back in December, called Chickens in Love as coined by the kids. We asked some local musicians to donate time and come down to teach children the basics lyric composition. Members of Kissing Cousins, Frankel, Hexham Heads, Nico Stai, and The Monolators split up the kids into 6 groups and each created a song of their own. You can see videos of most of them performing the songs . The site also allows you to vote for your favorite song/band by donating a dollar. Each dollar donated equals a vote. And a $30 pledge is Tax Deductible! The winning kids band gets the Gold Record and a rockin’ ice cream social!

We then reached out to LA based bands to cover these kids songs and compile them to be released on a Limited Edition LP releasing later this Spring. The artists were extremely generous and really put a ton of love into their kids’ song. The artists involved in this compilation are:

– Fiona Apple with Jon Brion and The Punch Brothers
– She & Him
– Cold War Kids
– Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
– Tim & Eric
– The Happy Hollows
– Summer Darling
– Dum Dum Girls
– The Growlers
– Crystal Antlers
– The Pity Party
– The Submarines

WHAT? That is a MAD talented list of musicians. I really love this project! What are you waiting for? Don’t you want to donate to something positive? Need more? Well, this isn’t a ginzu knife commercial but you can check out there will be a concert March 6th:


The songs will be compiled on a Limited Edition LP, CD and as a digital release on iTunes with all proceeds of sales going back to the extremely important free workshops and tutoring programs offered by 826LA. The LP can be pre-ordered now at

In addition to all of this we will be hosting an 826LA mini-festival fundraising event on Saturday, March 6th at 1pm with a good portion of these artists playing 20-30 minute sets along with their cover of their kids’ song. The LPs, CDs, limited run posters and T-shirts will be available. Details and final line-up are still forthcoming, so hit up the website often!

Ed Norton Crush of the Week…Ramble

Ed Norton is often called the ‘thinking woman’s hottie’ but then he dated Courtney Love. Eh, that wasn’t enough to dim the light on the Yale graduate especially since he is damn talented and then hooked up with the exotic Salma Hayak.

Being a MINI owner, I didn’t love his role in The Italian Job… but you know it must’ve been hard for him to see everyone else having so much fun in them as his character was notorious for lacking imagination. The twice Oscar nominated actor is very talented and always entertaining from his break out role in Primal Fear to the decade old Fight Club (I own this on DVD and went to see in the theater by myself – still awesome! ), but what makes him stand out is his committment to his cause.

Mr. Norton is my crush of the week for his work with the Maasai Marathon. It’s a charity raising money for Africa to get scouts protecting lions as well as paying teacher’s salaries. Diverse no? Just like Ed. He signed up to Twitter just so he could raise money- almost $470K already– for the cause and has given away great autographed items and unique offerings in order to raise money. Ed was doing the late night circuit hardcore prior to the NY Marathon where the running team included 3 Maasai. Overall the drive has brought in over $1 million dollars.

While you give thanks this year remember for those of you who are unemployed my heart goes out to you as well and for those of you who are employed, even $1 will help.