Crush of the Week: Sam Palladio…Ramble

Dreamy. That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of Sam, who portrays Gunner on ‘Nashville.’ As someone who has worked in the music industry I absolutely get a huge kick out of it, especially this season’s addition of Oliver Hudson as the hot shot new president of Edge Hill Records.

Aside from looking dreamy, here are five reasons I’m crushing on Sam this week:

1. Sam has a great voice. He is working on a solo album so watch out for that one. Who wouldn’t want to fall asleep listening to Sam’s voice? Here’s a little taste of his band Salt Water Thief:

2. He’s British. ABC loves to cast Brits. Nashville is no exception. Palladio’s American accent is really dead-on, maybe he can teach Rachel Weisz how to speak with an American accent. (Please, I love you Rach, but it’s not your strength).

3. Sam is a one woman man. He’s been dating former co-star & show love interest, Chloe Bennett. She is now part of Marvel’s ‘Agents of SHIELD’, also on ABC. Chloe is a big pop star in China (how cool is that?!) under the name Chloe Wang.

4. Sam is super responsive to fans on Twitter and live tweets the East Coast airing of ‘Nashville’ almost every week.

5. He seems to have a great time playing music and truly enjoy himself. And, yep he is super dreamy with that flop of brown hair & looks good with a little stubble.


ABC’s Favorite Sin: Lust…Ramble

ABC has fixed last season’s relentless non-committal two or even three new episodes of dramas, only to for fans to be told “a new episode in four weeks”. Fortunately I only started watching ‘Scandal’ and ‘Revenge’ when the first half of the season was already finished. Still, it was seriously annoying. I keep waiting for it to happen this season but so far new episodes for both shows have come at us since the season premieres. Applause for you lovely Programming Executives at ABC. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The big dramas are really working for ABC. While ‘Private Practice’ wrapped up last season, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ carries onward as the flagship drama. At this point I can say bye without too much sorrow because ABC has added the brilliant ‘Nashville’, ‘Scandal’ and ‘Revenge’ along with those Once Upon A Time series and ‘Betrayal’- stealing my attentions away from Bravo. Those housewives have nothing, I mean nothing on the lust filling these shows, keeping viewers at rapt attention.

Since I’m writing a few romance projects, studying lust on the small screen is my favorite hobby. Seeing different couplings, what works or obvious, is provided in spades. If I was only watching one of my three favorites, it would provide all the love triangles, backstabbing and pure heat between characters to keep my studies fresh and exciting. Thanks ABC for being so much fun.

Viva NashVegas….Ramble

One of my favorite cities is Nashville. The people are vibrant and colorful and there’s a different approach to life. It is like going to a foreign land from New York, perhaps more like Canada than France, but there are cultural differences.

Once I finally arrived after a long day of heinous airline travel whig included being bumped for a first class passenger….American eagle you deserve that recent Meanest Airline poll. Glad y’all are looking to hold the title….it was straight to Music Row. The heart of the Country Music Industry. I was taken on a tour of a house that is an office for a label. Need more cultural differences then step up, go out and toss a nickel because you will most likely find yourself face to face at some point with an artist on the rise or decline.

End part one cause I am on another plane!