Reconnecting: Where I’ve Been…Ramble

Where have I been since May last year? There have been many life changes in all parts of my life from family to work. Elle was the main reason I got through 2016. How I managed to kick ass at work is down to a disconnection with what was happening outside work hours. I worked for a major entertainment company on several successive contracts.

What was hilarious to me was another ex-pat American, who told me early on she was intimidated by me because she was a figure head and she didn’t have my skill set. She often bullies others and threw hard candy at my head in front of my boss. When I discussed it privately with him, he did nothing. The only time I saw him swing into action was when I privately sought advice from people in the Talent Department on who to handle that this executive had used a racial slur in a meeting. Should I expect anything more? Racism is usually loudest and most covered when it involves African Americans, not Chinese people. Casual white wash casting is


The ex-pat executive used that “c” word in a staff meeting of thirty people. Not one of the other senior team members said anything. Four junior staff came to me to express how uncomfortable this made them, especially as they all reported to her. This is one of those ex-pats who takes advantage of the less PC nature of the UK, which has mostly been exited from the work place, at an American owned company. Originally from California, this contrarian usually arrives in a loud bluster to work, late every day. Why late? She admits she has no real job except to meddle.


I discussed the issue with a friend at 12:30. I was given my walking papers at 5:30 PM. There was a sudden evaporation of budget for my position. My boss told me I didn’t have to come in for a few days, but he hoped I would at least work two of the four weeks for my notice period. Hilarious. The terms for any contractor at that company,  is termination can happen for any reason, at any time and it does not have to be explained,  so I had no recourse. Fortunately there was another role in the company that was turned out to be within a group that exemplified the values  (fun, partnership, collaborative and social, as well as hard working) I had hoped to see displayed when I aspired to work at that company as a child. And if you need to understand white washing, my sister’s entire blog can help you understand. screenshot2017-04-03at12-11-27pmcopy.png


While work has been up and down, and budget cuts have made my life a roller coaster, it’s been great to create opportunities for myself. 2017 included being the end Keynote Speaker at the OI (online influencers) conference in Wales. Wales!? YES! Very exciting as there is a small amount of genetics for me that are Welsh. I’m the only member of my family that has been there so thank you OI.

I was able to take on some new social/sales platforms that had fallen outside my realm of responsibility at larger companies who like to break social up to give people something to do.

More importantly, Elle is doing well minus another influencer being responsible for making her have bloody poop for ten days. It’s disgusting what thirsty climbers in the influencer world will do just to get ahead. Despite that, she recovered in time to go to Paris, fulfilling a dream. I don’t use her Instagram account to create drama, it is to document dreams and connect with the community and celebrate whimsy and fun. Take the $1 treat ads, I do not want them.


Excellent brand work this year for Elle included Happy Socks, Malin + Goetz; The Body Shop; ADT Home Security; Tangle Teezer; Radley x Dogs Trust; Pets at Home,, Mercure Hotels, a video cameo in Tom Chaplin (Former lead singer of Keane, now solo); and Save The Children Christmas Jumper Campaign. There are a few others, but these were true highlights – a mix of charity and great, solid brands. I couldn’t be happier about how wonderful Elle makes life.

It’s because of that love and bond we share, that I will probably be mentioning her more in this blog. xx


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