Musical Thoughts on Ash Wednesday…Ramble

Ultimately I’m not as religious as I was as a child. It may have been growing on the same block as my church and getting smacked on the wrist by nuns with 4 inches of rulers held together by rubberbands that did it. I believe in faith for other people and when it helps them that is amazing but when a priest interprets the bible, I don’t know I have other thoughts. Anyway…since it’s Lent and sometimes I give up Lent for Lent, I decided not to do that this year and give up drama and negetative thinking instead. Here are some musical offerings for Lent. Enjoy!

1. George Michael: You gotta have Faith right?

2. Robbie Williams: Bodies — if Jesus really died for me, guess Jesus really tried for me. I have the Cahill Remix here so you can contemplate these questions while you dance baby dance.

3. Coldplay- God Put A Smile Upon Your Face. Well Thank God!

4. P!NK If God Is A DJ… he’d probably like the Cahill Remix of ‘Bodies’ above–oh I’m a cheeky monkey.

5. Crowded House: There Goes God… I’d like to believe there is a God while sinful angels suffer for love.

I’m sorry to say I am not in possession of a copy of my communion photo with my sweet bowl haircut to include. Happy Lent! Happy Thoughts! xx Grrlgenius


Who Knows Robbie Williams…Ramble

Robbie William’s video ‘You Know Me’, his second single from ‘Reality Killed The Video Star,’ is Robbie taking a leap and jumping down the rabbie hole. He is an artist that absolutely does a great job 99.9% of the time with videos. Mr. Williams has no problem slipping into a character however ridiculous and committing to it. After ‘Bodies’ just showing off his body and not even as nak-ked as he’s been in other videos, I am glad to see he is back to his tricks, this time as the seemingly innocent bunny from Alice In Wonderland.

As so many people have jumped on the bandwagon with Vampires and Zombies, there is an emerging trend with ‘Alice In Wonderland’ which Mr. Williams once again so aptly ahead of the curve has wandered back inside the rabbie hole, to simpler times with of course, making good use of carrots. It’s Robbie Williams there has to be a sexual side! (Look for SyFy’s new series ‘Alice’ coming soon. They are starting to imagine greater cheese over there.)

Robbie’s Body (of work) is worth the Ramble

The last couple of years have seen the workplace get more sterile. I had a meeting with a management company where the interviewer gave me a disclaimer because they make jokes after knowing each other over ten years plus that some people might, well sue for harassment. They mean it in a rock n roll way. I told him I was fine with that but still, the boys’ club prevailed.

What has happened to fun? In my last office gig I implemented the five o’clock whistle on Friday. It basically consisted of me and one other guy, sometimes 2 dancing to the latest hits within the label family. Unfortunately the rest of the department would just stare at us and giggle when a lamp became involved, but never participate. Oh no! Someone MOVES to MUSIC! Call the po’ po’!

It makes me entirely joyful that the larger-than-life Robbie Williams is back making music! While his last album ‘Rudebox‘ wasn’t a commercial success in his native UK, I absolutely loved that album especially “Summertime” which I used to blast in my Chili Red MINI Convertible on the way to work. Bye summer! Sadly, I couldn’t pray to you this year with a chandy! The hidden track part in particular on that track applies to the insanely aggressive and wretched driving I’ve seen this summer on the freeways. I believe it’s official name is ‘Dickhead.’

With the exception of ‘Escapology’, Robbie has never failed to deliver crafty fun albums full of ‘oh no he didn’t’ lyrics. And the answer is always ….oh yes, he did. One of my favorite Robbie moments was playing the video for “Rock DJ” for my younger sister. I had a VHS of it. I slowly backed away. She totally freaked out at the end. In case you’ve forgotten that brilliance, take a gander now:

When Robbie teamed up with Kylie Minogue it was like a match made in pop heaven! Not only was ‘Kids’ a big hit, but he wrote ‘Loveboat’ on my favorite Kylie album “Light Years,” which lead to a Kylie rediscovery by the powerful Gay US audience. Next thing you know, people are singing ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ and this fall Kylie will finally have her first US tour. Ever. I can’t wait, but I digress.

For me, Robbie Williams embodies everything that is FUN about pop music. The lyrics are sassy and who else would send up Madonna so deliciously? “I Love you baby but face it she’s Madonna?” I loved this song, but then when I saw the video, it became pure unadulterated genius. Another Robbie video that wasn’t released in the US, but I got to watch through a shared back end content management system- before the advent of YouTube. He’s just not afraid to address his sexuality, his drug use, Robbie always goes there in the most divine musical ways.

The only time I saw Robbie onstage was at Mark Ronson’s show in LA. Robbie walked in and it was astounding. Sorry Mark but seriously, once Robbie took the stage it was his night. Meooow!

Now Robbie Williams is back with his new single “Bodies” with catchy lyrics ‘All we’ve ever wanted is to look good naked, or someone who could take it.” The video is average, but the song is great and he does look amazing once more. Take a look for yourself.

I cannot wait for Robbie’s album ‘Reality Killed The Video Star.’


I leave you with this reminder of how Robbie is the first one to take the piss out of himself, when he was performing live on this day three years ago and fell over. Thanks for making me always laugh and want to dance. It’s good to laugh. Long live Robbie!