Who Knows Robbie Williams…Ramble

Robbie William’s video ‘You Know Me’, his second single from ‘Reality Killed The Video Star,’ is Robbie taking a leap and jumping down the rabbie hole. He is an artist that absolutely does a great job 99.9% of the time with videos. Mr. Williams has no problem slipping into a character however ridiculous and committing to it. After ‘Bodies’ just showing off his body and not even as nak-ked as he’s been in other videos, I am glad to see he is back to his tricks, this time as the seemingly innocent bunny from Alice In Wonderland.

As so many people have jumped on the bandwagon with Vampires and Zombies, there is an emerging trend with ‘Alice In Wonderland’ which Mr. Williams once again so aptly ahead of the curve has wandered back inside the rabbie hole, to simpler times with of course, making good use of carrots. It’s Robbie Williams there has to be a sexual side! (Look for SyFy’s new series ‘Alice’ coming soon. They are starting to imagine greater cheese over there.)


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