Ed Norton Crush of the Week…Ramble

Ed Norton is often called the ‘thinking woman’s hottie’ but then he dated Courtney Love. Eh, that wasn’t enough to dim the light on the Yale graduate especially since he is damn talented and then hooked up with the exotic Salma Hayak.

Being a MINI owner, I didn’t love his role in The Italian Job… but you know it must’ve been hard for him to see everyone else having so much fun in them as his character was notorious for lacking imagination. The twice Oscar nominated actor is very talented and always entertaining from his break out role in Primal Fear to the decade old Fight Club (I own this on DVD and went to see in the theater by myself – still awesome! ), but what makes him stand out is his committment to his cause.

Mr. Norton is my crush of the week for his work with the Maasai Marathon. It’s a charity raising money for Africa to get scouts protecting lions as well as paying teacher’s salaries. Diverse no? Just like Ed. He signed up to Twitter just so he could raise money- almost $470K already– for the cause and has given away great autographed items and unique offerings in order to raise money. Ed was doing the late night circuit hardcore prior to the NY Marathon where the running team included 3 Maasai. Overall the drive has brought in over $1 million dollars.

While you give thanks this year remember for those of you who are unemployed my heart goes out to you as well and for those of you who are employed, even $1 will help.


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