What Else I Learned At SXSWi…Ramble

Sorry folks, I went totally mobile using the WordPress App. Unfortunately now that I’m checking my other posts did not publish and have evaporated into the digital wasteland.

Sunday Lessons:

1) Once a geek always a geek. Happy to be shown betas for unlaunched products, give feedback which will benefit us all when it comes into the world. Yes, that’s vague but I’ve sworn a blood oath not to give away details or names. I did spend 45 minutes speaking to Ryan at Google Maps happy they have added ‘bicycle’ as a new route option. How awesome is Google? Soooo awesome.

Get your geek on!

I requested Google Maps adds a rating systems for directions. ie. When I head over to The Bell House there are 2 stops that are close- 1 is 20 feet less but it’s also the one most likely to get a person stabbed & everyone advises you to ‘get back on the train!’ There should be an app for that. copyright me! My idea. But please do it!

2) Female geek groups united reminded me of the democrats, who once they controlled the majority in the House had so much in fighting they can’t actually move anything forward. Ladies, why are we further segmenting within our own sex? Am I being a little Robinhood here? One for all and all for one. Yes indeed. Silicon Alley Ladies vs. Non, Coders vs. Non-Coders……seriously? There was a comment because Dev Sisters allowed a forum question about what to wear to work. I think it’s valid. You want to fit in with a male dominated group but that doesn’t mean you should be losing your rights to dress as a woman or be harassed for it. Encourage young female geeks looking for guidance. The numbers are way down for females getting degrees in engineering. Very sad so let’s not turn on one another.

Girl Geeks

3) Too many panels= lame & boring wastes of time. I was totally bummed I went to for Girl Power and missed the FunnyorDie.com panel. Yeah, I know…!!

4) The Asian panel on “We’re Not Just A Festish” was less than 15 minutes. It went by so quickly when it came to Q&A I felt like I had whiplash. Worldwide Asians make up 42.6% of those online. So hello start paying attention to us. 15 minutes. Boo.

5) In India there are Internet cafes with private booths so men can access porn in private. Knock before entering and carry some Purell, a towel …better yet look for cafes without the private booths!

6) If you whine on Twitter or Foursquare about long queues outside the Mashables party one of your friends will VIP rescue you. Once inside it is your duty to hunt down a Mashable staffer and let them know the line is 2 hrs long outside and they need to fix it. We went upstairs and it was empty! Fortunately Adam from Mashables did fix the situation once he was aware of it so people could get their geek on the dance floor.

Mash on Mashables

6) French Fries are considered a vegetable in Texas. Don’t believe me head over to Green Mesquite for some devine BBQ. Tip: go in a large group and sit outdoors because if you sit indoors with a small party you will be served after the large party is handled.

Green Mesquite, mmm yummy let's eat!

6) Evan Williams co-founder of Twitter is a very popular ‘man crush’ object by guy geeks. I wonder how far down on that list he’ll slide after there was a mass exodus (geeks were angry he was boring, the interviewer loved the sound of his own voice & didn’t go into details about Twitter’s new ad deal during his keynote interview. Ev did try to make up for it on…Twitter. I saw him later that night at a party and he didn’t seem to happy.

7) People love Ashton Kutcher. I was helping @ubignut at the Skip Intro/foursquare/pop chip/Katalyst/Vitamin Water party. While I was wrangling partygoers to answer pop triva questions to win Pop Chips, there was a sudden crush of people and I was thrown into a brick wall. It ended the debate I was having with some naysayers that geeks actually care about Mr. AplusK…clearly they do. And yes, he does have that twinkle in his eye in person.

8) There is a debate about your online persona vs. translating it into real life and vice a versa. Yeah, I know you are red hot in person but I stop following you on social networks cause you are seriously boring. I don’t need to know you eat a piece of apple. That’s not sexy. Flip side: you are hilarious online but in person you are actually an introvert who hates people and socializing. Get out of your apartment people and use your outdoor voice.

9) Guy ‘Mr. Alltop’ Kawasaki is very nice. I totally dorked out and got a photo with him. He’s like Internet Famous y’all!

Awarded 10 geeks points for this one!

10) I prefer SXSW Interactive over Music. It’s easier to walk around and while the panels weren’t all amazing, you do learn a lot, get to be amongst geek peers and stretch your imagination. While it isn’t as social and easy to network, it’s still a lot of fun and I’ll be going back using personal days if I have to for next year’s edition.


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