5 Questions with @grrlgenius…Ramble

Look at Elle's ears!

Inspired by Mr. Billy Idol I should be dancing by myself, oh, oh oh, oh. My take? Why not interview myself today?

Location: Brooklyn!
Vocation: Writer & Digital Content Guru
Sign: Capricorn. Officially even though I’m a cusp with Sag

1) What’s so important about June 25th?

If you read this blog or know me at all you know I have loved George Michael for a very long time! Today is his birthday.

Last year I found a letter that I wrote tucked into a biography about George Michael. I had pulled it out to give it another read in honor of George’s birthday. I intended to create my first vlog posting, but then very quickly the day became about the passing of two other stars. Today, I finally have made the vlog. Please let me know what you think:

2) What are some of your favorite George Michael moments?

I got to fulfill a dream seeing him at Earl’s Court in London. We had a V.I.P. minder who took us through to a private tent. Rod Stewart was there but even more impressive there were journos and other George Michael staffers who had been with Wham! to China. It was an amazing night. George’s U.S. manager brought us a bottle of the wine he’d been drinking with George. It certainly beat waiting out for tickets overnight at Madison Square Garden and then realizing I had a fan club membership card back up at school which guaranteed me seats in the first ten rows. Simply amazing.

Meeting George wasn’t too shabby either. 🙂

3) Onto your current obsession. How did you decide to get a dog? (aka become Crazy Dog Lady)

Whoosh hot times in the city!

I have wanted a puppy for a while but didn’t think my lifestyle suited it. When I worked at Yahoo! a friend made a comment I’d be a terrible mommy because I was at work so much and travelling.

This year it seemed more like a growing need to care for a pup. I read Jennifer Weiner’s first book, Good in Bed. The main character is a journalist who feels very strongly every single person and every writer should have a dog. Then I got my tax refund…and saw a photo from the breeder…..and fell in love.

Elle makes me laugh every day. She is the most adorable creature and I’m so lucky she chose me.

4) Any advice on how to pick a breed?

Do your research. Frenchies don’t have the best breathing systems so they don’t do well in the heat. You have to monitor them closely and make sure to always have water on hand so they don’t over do it and have a heart attack.

Many quotes include “Frenchies like to be pleased but do not care about pleasing you.” In getting to know the breed I spent time with other Frenchies, watched everything and read books on Frenchies. It kept surfacing they were clown dogs. They do well in apartments and love people and dogs.

Some people like the look of a big dog. A Great Dane doesn’t need a lot of exercise and isn’t necessarily that social, while a St. Bernard can get to the size of a small bear and needs lots of exercise. You want a bear in your apartment? Yikes!

Review the laws in your state and price out things like insurance, licenses, vet fees, common health issues and which shots your dog requires. Dog sit for a friend. You should also read up on behaviour and potty training. Sites like Urbanhound.com, Dogbook (application) and the ASPCA are really helpful with a lot of information.

5) What makes you so passionate about recognizing Women in Tech?

The stats of women getting engineering degrees is on a huge downward slide. I have female friends from Yahoo! who dropped out of it because they didn’t like the way men treated them. Then I went to SXSWi this year and found myself in a meeting with several female groups. They all wanted to put down the Silicon Alley groups. WHAT?!

This is one thing that drives me crazy about minorities of any sort. Once a minority gets empowered they just want to take down others… just like when the Democrats regained control of Congress. The infighting means nothing gets done and in the end regular citizens wind up screwed.

As for women in tech, it felt like every time we made some positive connections another person would complain.One graphic designer said she wasn’t a women in tech– I told her any connection with digital be it on the content end, or marketing or encoding makes you a woman in tech.

As a group we are still pushing our way through the doors for recognition and yet, we don’t want help other factions or ask special treatment while men will run over us and push us off a cliff for an extra high-five. In the words of Queen Latifah, let’s get some

U-N-I-T-Y I’m not a bitch or a ho.


5 thoughts on “5 Questions with @grrlgenius…Ramble

  1. I heart George too! Great letter – I should try to find the letter I wrote to Elton John in the late 80s- ahem, I used song titles throughout the text. Yes, that is phenomenal, you’re right! I believe I signed it “Little Jeanie” – – snort!

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    • Is this a new wave of bot? What does BeatAlcoholism101.com have to do with digital? pop culture? or George Michael?

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