Media Bistro Circus Wrap Up…Ramble

I’m happy to see there’s been a lot of movement to make sure that women in tech are being recognized. I love Marissa Myers from Google especially since she is also showcased for her high fashion tastes, but in the scary world of sliding females in the tech field, it’s great to see powerhouse Sheryl Sandberg(now of Facebook) getting coverage in Vogue. I used to work for Sandberg’s husband, Dave Goldberg and went over to their Superbowl Parties for a few years and they know how to entertain. *Dave is also extremely passionate and crazy smart. The fact he also married Sheryl only makes me like him more.

Laurel Tobey & Susan Lyne

Today’s Media Bistro Circus was another powerful step for women with an all-day strong roster of compelling panels with  Q&As to follow. Highlights:

1) It lead off with Susan Lyne the CEO of Gilt Groupe who spoke about keeping the U.I. simple. WHAT?! Only 2 clicks to buy? Hell yeah. There is also the feeling that because there is a limited supply of what’s on offer, that Gilt Groupe’s consumers declare “I WON this on Gilt Groupe.”

2) Meredith Fisher from DVF who’s presentation was exciting, informative and engaging ended with her giving us a discount for today to buy a dress on She spoke about branding and the happy accident of DVF’s blog actually serving to inform global stores what was going on in the NY HQ and a great way to keep them informed of Diane’s visions. I love the sophistication of Diane Von Furstenberg. Her clothes are fabulous and having Meredith on her team makes it me like her even more! It also shows, once again, that just because you are an intelligent woman, doesn’t mean you can’t retain your femininity!

3) Eileen Gittins the founder/CEO of self publishing site was so inspiring in her storytelling she had people in the audience crying! I feel really inspired to well self-publish a photo book this weekend and I’m going to! No, it’s not the book I’ve been editing but she sparked a really great idea that will mean a lot to me and my loved ones. Thanks Eileen!

4)Brandon Holley from Yahoo! Shine ended a long day with a fantastic presentation. As I am a former Yahoo! myself, I was glad she was extremely engaging and a great public speaker. It’s pretty hard to be number 11 when a lot of people left at lunch. She heads up Shine which is a strong, female online community. Go Brandon, I think your ideas on community are very strong and I’m going to love getting to know more about you.

5) Lisa Hsia who I have met a few times but never heard speak revealed her Bravo philosophies and keeping the conversation going before, after and during so that you OWN the conversation.

The overall theme was listen to the users and if you can’t properly respond, then don’t go down that road. There is nothing worse than eliminating or no longer feeding an active community. It’s not just about putting the message out there, it’s about responding to the conversation around it which leads to a community.

Note: very happy to find out this ramble was linked to by NY Convergence! Thanks for supporting Women in Tech!


4 thoughts on “Media Bistro Circus Wrap Up…Ramble

  1. This is certainly a superb bit of information, I currently have conducted quite a chunk of browsing your material of late and consequently i have to state it is undoubtedly awesome to find some different not to mention factual reading instead of all of the duplicated junk which is published all around the net. I hope there is going to be a lot to come and i definitely will be certainly sure to visit back shortly and bring in your rss feed. Regards, Tari Sandoral,

    1. Aw, thank you Tari! That is really sweet and exactly why I blog! I’m so glad to know it’s resonanting with you. (BTW sorry it took so long to approve your comment I just found it was in the Spam folder…ah WordPress!)

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