Brit Brit New Single is…Ramble

1,2,3 listen to ‘3′it’s nice when everybody loves Britney. I don’t really understand people/hipsters/scenesters who say they love pop & try to deny Britney’s supreme dance powers. Those are the same self-righteous ho’s getting wasted and grinding with their girlfriends to your songs the second the DJ throws them on with a cry of ‘I love thisssss sooonggggg!’

Even though we’re just happy Britney is okay on the Circus Tour, Britney you are still working it. We are pulling for you. She knows it. She courts it. She moves in mysterious ways, keeping us wondering if she is the ringleader or a puppet. In the meantime I’m glad to kick off 4th quarter, the record industry’s make it or break it time with a new single from Britney to burrow into our brains, which soccer moms will justify listening with a ‘there’s counting.’

While Ms. Spears is upright, working and strutting out her booty, her label is going to get her to work. I was happy to see her get the clothing line with Kohl’s so she can continue to pay K-Fed off every month.

The measure of a good Britney song/Does ‘3‘ deliver?
1) Does your ass start wiggling? Yes, look out busted ankle it’s time to get poppin’
2) Is there plenty of suggestive ‘ohhs’ and Britney grunts? Yes!
3) Are critics looking for insights into Britney’s head? Hell ya and it’s funny. No wonder the newspaper business is in trouble. Newsflash Britney shows up, does 1-3 takes, then she is peace out onto the next thing.
4) West Hollywood was already bumping to it last night: Weho be Britney ho’s so they were all over it right away.
5) What are you waiting for? If you haven’t heard 3 yet click here.

Although ‘3’ isn’t my favorite Britney song, it puts a smile on my face and wiggle in my step.


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