George Michael Random Reminders…Ramble

A friend of mine gave me the best gift as a George Michael aficionado & said she didn’t know George sang background vocals on Elton John’s “Nikita” until I added that fact on my Valentine’s Day Mixed Bag Playlist. Of course it got me thinking about some of George’s other duets and other associations fans may have locked away with their teenage diary. (Disclaimer:these are not in chronological order.)

1-3 Aside from ‘Nikita’ on Elton’s “Ice and Fire” album George sang on “Wrap Her Up.” I still love this song. (note GM is not in this video or Nikita) Their number one hit ‘Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’ was the duet version of an already classic EJ song.

4.Jody Watley & George Michael “Learn To Say No.” I didn’t like Ms. Watley at that time and bought the TAPE of her album just for this duet. I do love it.

5. George Michael feat. Whitney Houston  “If Told You That”

6. George Michael & Mary J. Blige “As” now this duet was interesting. It was on the UK version of ‘Ladies & Gentleman’ but Mary J’s camp didn’t want her included on the US version since George had been sprung in the Will Rogers Park in Weho at that point. It did finally get included on his Twenty-five Live greatest hits album though.

7. George & Mutya Buena (formerly of Sugababes, I know you secretly loved them!) “This Is Not Real Love.” Although this isn’t the greatest recording of the song, it’s live and from the show I went to fulfilling a dream- at Earl’s Court in London, 2006. I love when the guy gets into a fight with someone else who is singing too loud. That crowd was very uptight until the second half. My friends & I had a personal minder for the whole show. Rod Stewart was in the tent backstage. Gush gush, there is more because that was the best show I’ve ever seen. EVER! So, um, yeah I’m sticking this one in here.

8. Toby Bourke feat. George Michael “Waltz Away Dreaming” GM’s one artist he put out a single with under his AEGEAN company. According to Toby that was during the time George’s Mum passed and GM lost interest. Sad. I actually sat a few rows in front of GM’s Mum during the taping of his MTV Unplugged, which was the last time she saw him perform. This was something I got the chance to speak to GM about when I met him in LA a few years ago. See how GM is the soundtrack to your life?!

9. Lisa Marie Presley “Dirty Laundry” at about 3:33 seconds in George appears on a bunch of TVs mouthing “kicking when their down.” I mean, this is how much I love George…. I was escorting Lisa Marie out of the Viacom building and I had to say to her- and everyone thought I was going to make an Elvis comment- that I truly loved that she had GM in the video making a cameo. LMP got so happy & smiley (!) when I said that because she is a big GM fan too.

10. A couple of years ago, I did suggest to GM’s camp they have him record a duet in keeping with his love of R&B divas like Aretha Franklin “I Knew You Were Waiting For Me” like I don’t know Christina Aguilera or Alicia Keys but that still hasn’t come to fruition. Damn. Maybe he’ll do one with Lady Gaga. I remember him saying he’d like to duet with J. Timberlake, now how heavy is that?

(ps unfortunately this video is blocked for copyright in the US so you’ll have to view it somewhere else.)

11. It was through a cover of “Freedom”  I was reunited with Robbie Williams post-Take That. It was never released in the US and if you watch this goofy video you’ll see why. It’s not like Robbie’s version made my ears bleed (like a 1 Hilary Duff covering Crowded House ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ did. I certainly bought the single on a trip to London, but it was that it was such a personal song to George, that irked me about it. I rarely listen to this version although it is decent.

12. Beyonce feat. George Michael “If I Were A Boy” – they are labelmates and I am so jealous that I wasn’t at the O2 for this one. I’m sure most of you have seen this one since it was recent enough. Of course, I have another little factoid on this front. Beyonce’s costumes were designed by none other than Thierry Mugler. I picked it out when I saw sketches for the tour that included an outfit with handlebars ala the “Too Funky” video. I found out that there was actually a big falling out over the video as it was co-directed by Mugler but the graphics had a question mark instead of his name. OUCH! I’m sure Mugler wasn’t overly thrilled to see his designs slamming up against GM again but that’s the kind of inside info that makes me appreciate all the time I spent working in entertainment in the past.

George- remember if you are having issues starting that autobiography that was commissioned in 2008, I’m here for you honey. I will ghost write the crap out of that thing! And if I were your domestic I wouldn’t have let some lunatic fan under the floorboards. 😛 I will close there.


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