Star People, Look At All The Wonderful People…Ramble

Yesterday John Mayer’s Playboy interview proved he has finally reached the ‘how much is enough?’ point.

Here’s a list of those he offended:

1. African Americans using the ‘n’ word and called his penis ‘a white supremicist.’

2. Jennifer Aniston– Lady, you need to stop dating famous men. Follow Selma Hayak and get a big whig businessman who is trained in the art of discretion.

3. Napalm- he called Jessica Simpson ‘sexual napalm.’ I’m sure the government could use her as a fembot.

4. His Loved Ones- in his relentless self-grandizing he finally lost the respect of those around him as evidence by his breakdown on stage last night. This is crushing because now John Mayer the ‘celebrity’ has infiltrated John Mayer the musician onstage. Oh my oh my, dangerous mental breakdown ensueing.

5. Gay people- John seems to be fascinated with gay men. He mentions them frequently in interviews and he admits to kissing Perez Hilton with a horrible hate-fueled tongue kiss (vs. a verbal lashing since apparently Hilton is the only person who talks more than Mayer.)

I dedicate George Michael’s “Star People” to both John and the very-talented and also tormented and now deceased, Alexander McQueen. While more and more Americans go into financial ruin and deeper into depression and fear of losing jobs, I do ask the Universe ‘how much is enough?’

John Mayer was just pushing and saying whatever he wanted like a petulant child until he finally pushed away and crossed people who matter in his life. Mr. McQueen hung himself apparently due to his distress over losing his mother a few days ago. ‘How much is enough?’

Perhaps the pressure of being famous served to amplify the pain for Mr. McQueen, who was one of the most talented young designers in the world. Who else could make tartan so sexy? My heart goes out to his family whose grief is now multiplied and on display for the world.

John, take note from this, don’t go down that road. Don’t isolate yourself and distance yourself from what you really love. Stop playing the games and stop doing interviews for a while. Just leave some things unsaid because it will close in on you in a way that will be too acute if you do. Now you know ‘how much is enough?’ what are you going to do with that lesson?


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