George Michael on X-Factor…Ramble

For those that live in the US, if you missed George on Britain’s X-Factor (the original Idol), he sounds amazing as ever in the duet of ‘The Sun Going Down on Me’ with contestant Joe. If I had a chance to sing with George I would have picked ‘Flawless’ or ‘Star People’  so we could have a bit of a dance as well. If I had George serenading me I would definitely have picked ‘Kissing A Fool’ which I saw him only perform in the US and not in the UK. Such a great bevy of choices.

I know everyone loves ‘The Sun Going Down On Me’ but it’s really an Elton John song that became a duet. Why are people so unoriginal in their George picks? There are some amazing duets he has done with Aretha, Whitney, and Sade. I would love an album of all George duets! Playlist time!

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