Top Ten Reasons To Hire Me…Ramble

I’ve been in London for six months. I am staying and building a great life, all that’s missing is a job. I’m open to start ups and established brands. Here are reasons to hire me:

  1. I break down a project and process so you can understand it.
  2. Tailor unique brand and story ideas for your platform – there’s no repeated formula.
  3. As a generalist, I’ve worked with the global brands and household artists who go by one name, so your temper tantrums won’t scare me.
  4. There will always be a choice of paths to take
  5. Data is fun. I worked at Disney and Yahoo! Numbers are my friend.
  6. You get a digital marketing expert who has worked for global brands like Sony Music, MTV and Universal Music, Tribeca Film Festival, American Express and travel, food and fashion clients.
  7. I’m a writer. Words are my friend. I have interviewed artists, authors and local business people. You can read some of my five question interviews with a diverse group of people from Internet legends to Dog Trainers.
  8. Legally here as an Irish citizen.
  9. I will program your social media feeds.
  10. My dog, Elle. Two interviewers told me at the interview they wish I had brought her with me.