Baby Love 10 …Ramble

It’s been a long time since I posted an update on the adventures I’m sharing with my sweet Frenchie, Elle. Summer was hard on her little mushy face but we still went to a few Frenchie Meet-ups, had tons of doggie playdates and even dogsat for a 30lb Frenchie named Gerard.

Dogparks have been a hit and miss with Elle getting peed on by one German Sheppard and bitten on the butt by another. Seriously, her butt is that cute even dogs can’t resist. However, one henious terrier grabbed her by the cheek and dragged her for several feet while the owner was too busy having a conversation with a human and remarking that’s what terriers do. I learned we don’t have to stay if the situation isn’t right, if the vibe is off and certainly when people don’t pay attention or dogs are too aggressive.

One adventure I never thought we’d have was going to church. When I was a girl we had a cockerspaniel I named Linda. She was a beautiful tan color and so sweet and pretty just like in “Lady and the Tramp.” I named her after watching an episode of “The Brady Bunch” when Greg has a crush on a mystery girl named Linda, who turned out to be his teacher.  Once Linda got loose while we were at church and since we lived on the same block, she found us and disrupted the service. Why that lovely Linda, she was a hunting dog and she wanted her humans!

Yesterday Elle and I were walking along one of our favorite streets and noticed Grace Church had posted  a sign stating in celebration of St. Francis of Assisi’s Feast, all our furry friends were welcome for a special 5 p.m. mass. We met another couple with a Frenchie named Cliff on the way in and couldn’t believe how fast an hour in church can go when you have your furry friends with you. There were also some birds, a hamster and a ferret.

Animals were indeed blessed with a branch, then humans. I couldn’t believe how much water the young Reverend blessed me – it’s not a wet t-shirt contest! Snort! He did apologize. Anyway, it was lovely to see some of our doggie friends there and met some new ones. Elle loves vocalizing so she was at rapt attention for all the hymns. Sorry to say a kind senior who’d never touched a smart phone took the only photo of the two of us together and cut my head off which reminded me of my Grannie. Awwwww! Only Elle or a wedding/funeral could get me to church when it wasn’t Christmas. She is really trying to save my soul. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Baby Love 10 …Ramble

    • HA! Yes, I think Elle doesn’t love dressing up but she is used to our ‘adventures’…. as for you I love a spammer that has friendster in their email. Awesome.

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