Face-off Tired Pony vs. Snow Patrol…Ramble

Tired Pony is a new “supergroup” from Gary Lightbody (lead singer of Snow Patrol) and Peter Buck (of R.E.M.). My friend took me to see Tired Pony’s first U.S. concert in America at Irving Plaza.


Tired Pony: In short, it’s Snow Patrol “Unplugged.”

Snow Patrol: Big, lush, beautiful sounds and of course some dance-rock too:

Winner: Snow Patrol


Tired Pony: As if they didn’t have enough amazing members in the group,  a lovely little guest star appearence from one Michael Stipe as well as oscar winner (of the movie ‘Once’ and band Swell Season) Marketa Irglova in place of Zooey Deschanel.

Snow Patrol: I’ve seen them several times with Martha Wainwright singing their duet “Who Set Fire To The Third Bar.”

Winner: Tired Pony


Tired Pony: Gary Lightbody wearing a jacket over his normal t-shirt and spouting self-deprecating banter. Add in Iain Archer (who not only co-wrote songs with Snow Patrol, but was also in Lightbody’s other supergroup The Reindeer Section– the drummer was also in RS) singing “I Am A Landslide,” the one song that sounds nothing like Snow Patrol.

Giving People in their 30's & 40's a reason to get a babysitter

Snow Patrol: Gary Lightbody earnest, distinct voice, great banter and dances and grips the microphone as he closes his eyes and dances around like a man possessed.

Winner: You might think it’s an even draw, yet the winner is Snow Patrol. Gary is a great frontman no matter what and can win naysayers over with his Irish charm. Tired Pony had too many cooks in the kitchen like so many other supergroups. It’s enjoyable but there’s something so much more earnest and freeing about Snow Patrol.


TP… for my bung-holio– yes, it’s a Beavis and Butthead reference but that’s what I thought as soon as just the initials TP me up on the screen.

Snow Patrol: Bold type face. Simple. Clean. Done.

Winner: Snow Patrol


My companion found the music so similiar to Snow Patrol she asked why even bother creating Tired Pony?

1. It gives Gary new inspiration and a chance to change things up.

2. Fans of R.E.M. get a night out on the town and exposed to Gary Lightbody!

Winner: Snow Patrol and diehard fans of anyone in the group. BTW, the freebie “I Finally Love This Town” on the website is not on the album and it’s a catchy little tune. Lyrically Tired Pony has some really strong moments. Their 2nd & “final” show is in LA tonight. Apparently some tickets are still available.


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