Tune in to this March…Ramble

Things that make my eardrums wanna hit repeat until the sun goes down and then comes back on up again:

1. Gorillaz “Stylo” – if you haven’t seen this video, in the lyrics of Gwen Stefani ‘whatcha waiting for? tick tock tick tock’ because not only has the animation for Gorillaz surpassed itself yet again, one badass mofo named Bruce Willis plays a bounty hunter trying to take them down.

2. Timberland featuring JT “Carry Out” — yeah, I know this has been out for a while but I’m still obsessed with it. Keep the Tim & JT franchise nice and fresh. The “featuring” part of songs always makes me laugh when the person singing 90-100% of the song. Tim & JT are having a lot of fun here together. If this was a JT video he would be full out dancing instead of ‘cool, rap guy’ dancing to let Tim be able to have a little shine too. Love it.

3. Penguin Prison –Worse It Gets (RAC Mix)— if you didn’t get the hint by now, this is a grrl who likes to dance and I love a fun remix. You can stream it or YouTube it (just a static pic.)

4. Sean Price feat. Big Twinz “That’s What We Want” some old school type hip, a hip ┬áto the hippity hop.

5. Chain Gang of 1974 “Stop!” makes me feel like I’m in a dreamy Sunday wandering around the streets of Manhattan carrying a Bloody Mary. Suddenly I stop….to watch some street dancers, then wander along into a bookstore and read bits of all the best sellers …until it’s time to stop….and go back outside to see a rainbow. Um, okay I’ll stop now and just do a little impromptu dancing cause this song gets the feet shuffling.

There you have it. I’m sort of in a transitional mood like the seasons so my music taste reflects it at the moment. A little p.s. for my Fashionistas, shoe maven, Christian Louboutin made a dance video his style you can check out only on Fashionair.com . It starts off a little slow (maybe he watched Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ as a reference) and then becomes extremely charming. Oui, oui.