From What The Chuck to Seriously It’s Zuck…Ramble

Viva Nashvegas! Let’s say that three times and head to Robert’s for some real honky-tonk with locals. You’ll find everyone from old timers to debutantes coming from black tie events in that joint. After a taste of Robert’s, I was hanging out with friends at The Tavern when none other than country heart-throb, Chuck Wicks joined our table. I could not stop saying “What the Chuck?” anymore than everyone else could not playing with the fire for the smores they ordered for dessert. Girls do silly things when cute guys are around them. Oh yeah, he smelled good too.

Mmm, he is country strong!

I love Nashville and highly recommend hitting it if you are at all curious. After attending a double birthday party, laughing til I couldn’t stand up, it was time to head to San Francisco for some promo with a band. Silicon Valley has been a fascination of mine for years. I’ve often wondered why I didn’t move there after Los Angeles, but I guess I was really missing Brooklyn. Since one of my ideal places to work is anywhere, any time for Google, it is pretty rad I deal with folks over there all the time and got to swing by YouTube.

After that…..I was super stoked we went over to FACEBOOK for a personal tour from Zuck. Seriously. He introduced himself as Mark cause …that’s his name. He was a nice dude who was super enthusiastic to have The Dudes there. It was super sweet of Zuck to basically invite us to his house to meet his new puppy, Beast. See? Dogs are the best, they bridge the gap between billionaires and us regular folk.

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