Brand of the Week: Volvo…Ramble

Volvo may be an odd choice for me to pick. I’ve had two MINI Coopers (you have to have the chili red convertible if you live in LA, otherwise you are missing out on a whole lot of fun), learned to drive on a boat aka a 1975 Cadillac and had my Honda totaled by a drunk driver (the first time I lived in LA.)

Road tripping with Piggy and Polly!

Why Volvo? Partnering their #VolvoDogs campaign with our favorite Frenchie sisters on Instagram – @piggyandpolly.

Smart move Volvo, especially when Piggy and Polly have a base reach of 242K followers over your 53.6K. While the “likes” on Volvo’s account were on in the 1000-2000 range, over on Piggy & Polly’s account, there were photos with over 13K likes. Double tap success.


Before we moved from NY to LA, our good friends at Kiehl’s in Brooklyn held a “goodbye party” for Elle. The average spend was almost double a humans-only event. Lesson: people who are fun, modern dog-owners, want the best for their dogs.

The bonus on Piggy and Polly’s end? Not only do they get to do this promotion, it’s inline with their particular aesthetic and they got to wear their gorgeous clothing line Pipolli designed by their mom Carla.


Let’s go cruising!

Crush of The Week: The Dogist…Ramble

Humans of New York are cool, but DOGS are another level. “The Dogist” grew up with labs and now the busy photographer captures dogs of all breeds on the streets of New York all the way to Alaska.

When I first started following him on Instagram, The Dogist, aka Elias, had 3000 followers (now he is closing in on 700K with a book releasing this fall.) I would see posts of dogs from blocks away and get a little sad my dog, Elle (@grrlgenius_ ) had not been chosen, not yet. There were a few dogs events where he was but a shadow, surrounded by people I was too shy to stage dog mom, or thought I’d wait my turn, only for The Dogist to leave. Then came the April Fool’s Day event at Warby Parker and I spotted him. Again, struck with politeness. He asked the lady who’s dog was sniffing Elle’s butt if they could go outside to take a photo – never to return to the event. Le sigh. The heartbreak grew.

A week ago that changed and we met The Dogist. Elle finally got her photoshoot in Cooper Union Square. He won her over quickly and I watched his technique as he immortalized her.

She looked right at him with no extra help from me. It was amazing.

I feel honored Elle was finally added to The Dogist’s amazing collection, but the reason he is the crush of the week is for all the positivity his love of dogs has brought, both for humans who love dogs and the charities Elias brings attention.

That’s an amazing and wonderful way to live your life. Thank you ,Elias, for giving back so much to all of us dog lovers who enjoy discovering new breeds through your account.