Britney Got To Work Bitch…Ramble

I can’t get enough of “Work Bitch.” It took three listens, but I believe the average person takes 7-8 listens just to get through a whole song. It’s a familiarity thing, unless you are fan seeking it out, determined you will love the song. To me, the JT ‘Suit & Tie’ was a grower. People were like, hmm, I’m a crazy fan, I don’t get it. I said, just chill, it’s going to take time, JT experiments and he is a true artist. His songs are not the normal 2:30 of perfect radio confection like in the N’Sync days. And look how you were all singing ‘Suit & Tie’, so to my friend Red in Ireland, Britney might not be your cup of tea, but I’ve been there supporting her professionally since the beginning and I am an actual huge fan.

This IS Britney’s best video in years. She looks more than present, she is running the show again. Her moves are not mechanical but all out and, come on, there are some hammerhead sharks (I don’t care if they are CGI it f’in rocks!!!!).

Time to get to work dancing: