Pop Notes on Tunnel Vision….Ramble

I’m going to just throw a bunch of thoughts out there on entertainment I’ve been consuming. Sometimes an entire post analyzing an episode of women yelling at each other and acting like fools while wielding Louis Vuitton (insert any Real Housewives of…. series) handbags while they talk trash gets repetitive.  So here we go!

1) Justin Timberlake’s new video for “Tunnel Vision” has been called Part Two of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”- which is funny since they get compared all the time. For ‘Tunnel Vision’ the debate for me on my favorite moment is J. Timberlake’s saggy khakis (does he want an ad campaign for The Gap?!) or when he plays ‘air violin’:

My favorite part of Robin’s “Blurred Lines” is the actually song because the models don’t seem to have any rhythm which makes them a detraction for me not a naughty enhancement. You decide for yourselves:

I read an article that said misogyny is back citing the Yeezus album (*I only made it through track 8 and was still annoyed he left his preggo lady during a rough pregnancy to make an album that is this lame– honey the sweet & sour line is not only racist, and juvenile it’s weak), and sthe ‘Blurred Lines’ video. The song is hot, but I’m not in love with the video yet it’s not as disturbing as watching Hannah on HBO’s GIRLS bouncing up and down to make her boobs flop as she yells at her best friend for being a selfish biatch in a yellow fishnet tank top during a cocaine experiment. The moving mannequins models’ lack of rhythm is jarring and makes me long for *N Sync. I chose, instead to visualize The Rock’s video on Instagram of him working out to ‘Blurred Lines’ and looking at the camera singing ‘you the hottest bitch in this place’ – why thank you Dwayne, you’re not so bad yourself!