Miley Remains A Contradiction…Ramble

Miley recently told Jimmy Kimmel it’s hard to be “an asshole when you’re naked.” Poor Jimmy was so befuddled by her breasts hanging out, he had to ask where he should look. 

The statement stuck with me (as anyone who has ever dated a scoundrel would immediately contest it) and because immediately following it, Miley put down other people as well as the nudist community- with plenty of yucks & hahas. She went on to tell The New York Times Bitchy, I mean, Nicki Minaj wasn’t a nice person. (Note: Miley may be friends with Snoop Dogg and Kanye, but that doesn’t give her a pass and I wouldn’t turn my back on Nicki any time soon.) 

These days folks are tired of behaving, which makes it more interesting for us, but Straight Outta Nashville isn’t going to be able to take down Straight Outta Her Mind, who’s anacondas one out up with any of Cyrus’ naked bs, which lead to the awesomeness of at MTV’s Video Music Awards last month -worth another view for the uncensored version:

If Miley isn’t about being an asshole, why doesn’t she stop deflecting and calling out other artists? She seems to be over-trying again like she did on the video for “Wrecking Ball.” Still, Cyrus is a huge musical talent and watching her reveal the next iteration of her Madonna-like new personas minus faux British accents, is hugely entertaining. 

Her new song “Hands of Love,” is another killer ballad (off the soundtrack of the Julianne Moore & Ellen Paige film “Freehold”), showcasing why we still have any interest in Miley as she struggles to settle on an identity and adulthood. Guess she’s just being Miley


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