Twitter Tips…Ramble

Here are some of my tips for Twitter:

1. Experiment: the more people you follow, the more interesting the experience.

2. It’s okay to unfollow people. Often people are recommended blindly, or because they are an ‘expert’ in real life. That often doesn’t translate to the content of their tweets being interesting or appealing.

3. Avoid the hard sell. Twitter is like spam, don’t expect that important messages are going to be seen. Use a hashtag and you can post again, but space it out – the hard sell approach is  turn-off.

4. You don’t have to reply to everyone. If there’s a controversial issue, you can address it privately, especially with a friend through direct messaging or completely offline. Have you ever been convinced to change your mind, merely because someone approached you aggressively? Use the ‘mute’ button.

5. Take a social media break. Not every thought has to be posted.

6. Save confessional posts for apps like Whisper, Secret and Yik Yak.

7. Click on who your influencers follow, it may lead you to great accounts.

8. Hashtags -all good things in moderation.

9. Stay on brand – decide what you will and will not post about, and stick to it.  (see 4 & 5 above.) If you are a relationship ‘expert’ tweeting about how miserable you are about a break-up hurts your brand. Politics? Religion?

10. Enjoy the surprises, like Taye Diggs following you.


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