Happy Friday…Ramble

I’m practicing being concise. Here’s what I’ve been enjoying:

1.YouTube’s #DearMe Campaign to help girls understand, we all go through the painful teen years and here’s the advice we’d given ourselves as teens:

Promise: Next Post will have my #DearMe video

2. Nicki Minaj : The Night Is Still Young – ramp up your weekend immediately.

Love: This chill party ballad.

Perfect for: Getting ready.

3.  New Talent: Josef Salvat: Shoot And Run – sultry.

Like that: He’s an Aussie, living in London.

4. Harper Lee’s 2nd Novel is now on pre-order!

5. Fast & Furious 7 is only one week away:

Love: How the villain is F&F6’s Owen Shaw’s brother, just like Die Hard’s sequel. Prefer Jason Statham (playing Shaw) over Jeremy Irons anyway!

Can’t wait: To see The Rock fight Jason Statham

Anticipating : Tears for Paul Walker and driving faster afterwards, will be walking home this time.


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