Rihanna Asks Leo To Get Toned…Ramble

It’s that time of the year when we all gain weight. The fall I was doing double workouts for occasions – two weddings and a trip to Europe. Then the holidays came with parties and cocktails. I was still working out but I gained a few pounds I now have to get rid of in a hurry. It’s not healthy and all too easy to slid.

Apparently after his intense workouts for roles, Leo diCaprio decided to enjoy life, relax from the gym and have a good holiday season as well. Rumored to be dating Rihanna, Ok Magazine and many other outlets have reported Leo’s pudge has been given exit papers. Riri likes to date a man with a six-pack. How does that kind of conversation go down especially when Leo has been much larger and dated supermodels while larger?

Imagine it:
Leo: Where have you been all my life?
Riri: Up in da club with all the 12 packs of muscles.
Leo: We did fall in love in a hopeless place.
Riri pinches Leo’s manboobs- hard.
Leo: Ow!
Riri: Finally, you say something other than proving you my song titles. We have heat, but the fire may fade unless you turn it up.
Leo: What?
Riri: You need to get carved for me.
Leo: You mean a tattoo?
Riri: let’s hit the gym, you will look smoking hot with a six pack.

Ouch. Is there ever a good way to tell a loved one or a friend they need to lose some weight? Would you do that to a new lover like Rihanna after a month? If we heard a male said that to a female we would be outraged, yet I first learned of this “news” because a friend was delighting in the tables being turned.


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