Gwyneth’s “Virginia”…Ramble

Last night a friend asked me what I thought of Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest GOOP advice about steam cleaning her, cough “Virginia”- btw I’m calling that so my friend can read this article at work.

A historically Korean practice, renamed the Mugwart (named for the plant leaves it utilizes promoted as balancing hormones) V-Steam. According to Golden Goddess Gwyneth, this is latest craze in LA. A botched attempt by an OBGyn recently to insert an IUD into my lady parts, is an all too fresh pain I am not anxious to relive.

The Daily Beast has a column: Russell Sanders emphatically discouraging this practice, as it may do may harm and is unproven to do anything beneficial. Living in LA is always about finding the latest thing. We do not always have to mess with our body functions.

Do your own research when it comes to any invasive procedures. I love GP sharing things that she has learned, but still always research anything she suggests to form my own opinion.


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