Entertainment to Keep You Warm…Ramble

While today I was informed it is warmer in Antarctica then New York, I was glad  I stocked up on supplies at Trader Joe’s yesterday, including a few protein bars that will help me fend off my need to order Chinese food on Seamless. (*Note, Seamless sending me a 2014 wrap-up that 68% of my orders are Chinese food.) I did go out to the soft opening of Hook and Cleaver on Greenpoint Avenue (yes, I took the Ghost train there and back) and now I’ve done my part for the New York scene for this week. So what’s entertaining me at home besides deciding which DIPTYQUE candle to light to combat my French bulldog’s gas? Here’s the scoop.


Marco Polo:
Get stuck in to a softer (less gore and sometimes the ‘good’ guys win), Asian version of “Game of Thrones.” Politics, breathtaking locations, cultural exposure to Geishas and, of course, war, love and spies make this an exciting epic journey. I love seeing this diverse cast of Asians and mixed race casting. Aside from Marco, the leads are all gorgeous mixed race and Chinese stars. Being mixed, this is the first cast I felt like I could walk on set and blend right in simply by showing up with some braids in my hair. I felt the same way in Hong Kong. Aside from that China is beautiful. The blending of the Mongolians and the Chinese cultures takes you deeper into each culture than the black and white “evil” vs. “good” of Disney’s Mulan.


Speaking to the Irish half of my gene pool, Cillian Murphy’s blue eyes lead you down the path of a family of gangsters in Birmingham, England. Aussie Sam Neil (yet, another side of my heritage), plays an Irish cop from Belfast determined to put an end to them. There are two seasons of six episodes here and this one, like Marco Polo, is also produced by The Weinstein Company. Beautiful, dark and they may be “bad men, but your our bad men.” Oh yes. The great thing is that Aunt Polly ran the show for five years while the men were off in France fighting. She is formidable with a dark secret of her own. She caters to the family’s finances and matters of the heart.


The delightful Kristin Harmel has a wonderful new book “The Life Intended,” which I have only just started and finding hard to do anything but read it. Her previous book. “The Sweetness of Forgetting” also a beautifully written book which tells the secrets across generations and has mouthwatering recipes. Don’t think I wasn’t all about the desserts when I went to Paris because of it.

Whilk & Misky “The First Sip” is a sexy EP complete with some spoken French that’ll have you looking around for a winter romance to declare “Babe, I’m Your’s.” Pucker up.

” target=”_blank”>Nicki Minaj “The Pinkprint” – don’t let the singles dictate the vibe of the album. ‘Anaconda’ is fun to listen to during Zumba, but uh we’re all about getting those butts tight, but feels jarringly out of place with the rest of the album, which is a more personal, introspective traditional hip-hop album, cool vibe with insights to Nicki’s personal life with fun guest vocals. I have to SMH in wonderment of how Drake and C. Breezy wound up on a track together. Dudes can put anything behind them, but does it say something about the blatant money business part of the endeavor? The track was not as interesting to me as “The Crying Game,” without any other big names. I love “Four Door Aventador” and the overall vibe here so, if you haven’t given Nicki a chance in a while, it might be time to revisit and feel the wind in your hair as you blast “The Night Is Still Young” getting ready to go out on a Friday night cause “my only motto is don’t lose.” Get it girl.

“Gone Girl,” which was a hyped book worth it. Yes, you saw the twist coming, but once it was revealed (in the printed version), it was fascinating how it all unfolded. Though I love Neil Patrick Harris, he was miscast in the David Fincher film version. That is a minor note because perfectly cast were perennial All-American boy, Ben Affleck, and the master of playing an ice princess, English actress Rosamund Pike (remember her as ‘Jane’ in ‘Pride & Prejudice’ and as a Bond girl? Kills it with ice.)

“Guardians of The Galaxy” a film I had no expectations for, except I knew that the main character’s last name was Quill, just like mine. I saw this on a plane that was jam-packed and it was my mental savior.  I needed something that was going to make me laugh and this certainly delivered, so if you’re inside, had a long day and need a mental vacation this fun film will do the trick.

Happy New Year! Snuggle up, layer and give yourself a hug from moi. Spread smiles, not hate in the world.



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