I’ve Got A Blank Space Baby…Ramble

If you’re a Swifty you just sang “and I’ll write your name”- and if you are newly obsessed with Taylor, like Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson, “Blank Space” we understand and welcome to the party. “Blank Space” is an instant classic.  Aside from the epic video directed by pop video legend, Joseph Kahn, and the very cool FREE app (wait doesn’t Taylor hate free? No, she doesn’t, when there are up-selling opportunities)…there is Tay lip-syncing along with BBC Radio’s Greg James to “Blank Space” which is hilarious.

Um, yeah and there’s the fact that for the first time EVER on the Billboard Charts, Taylor replaced herself as the number one single, swapping out “Shake It Off” for “Blank Space”- as if we needed any more affirmation it is on repeat in the jukeboxes in our heads.

I also love the fact she’s been handwriting notes and sending them to fans with gifts. There is nothing like the power of a thank you note. It’s cool to see such beautiful manners. So haters, go hate somewhere else, this is one smart business woman you can find on the cover of TIME magazine. Now if you are not singing “Boys only want love if it’s torture, don’t say I didn’t, say I didn’t warn you” start right now!


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