November Reads…Ramble

The temperatures are dancing up and down, harder to commit to one zone than a player. I would say stick to one zone, except when we get those warmer days I am so grateful, given the predictions of another brutally cold winter. Brr. I get cold thinking about how this year started.

Here are a few great romance books to keep you warm, no matter what:

1. His Flower Queen by Lena Hart is one self-published book done right. It’s full of passion, girl-on-girl crime, and most of all, love. Set in the dessert, this is the first in a series of four, based on the card deck. Isn’t that clever? If you are going to be traveling and buy your books physically, the practical side is this is a quick, hot read that makes time disappear and draws you in and will having you longing to read the second book, His Bedpost Queen and then third and the fourth. Lucky for us, this series is now all available.
I’m also going to give this 4 out of 5 for being a multi-culture book because we need diversity in books and hell, if the loving is hot, that’s all that matters. Well written and on the pulse of the modern dating scene


2. Avenge Me by Maisey Yates – one slice revenge for a sister who committed suicide after being forced into prostitution, one slice sexual domination with a hot, rich lawyer who feels responsible for turning a blind eye to the abuse of the dead sister. This may not sound like a sexy backdrop, but the heat between Austin Treffen and Katy Michaels will having you thinking “yes sir, may I have another, and another and one more after that?” When Austin & Katy meet fireworks are an understatement and what follows will be so shocking you get whiplash, it hits so hard. The first in a Fifth Avenue trilogy, Yates is at her finest writing the banter between the characters and keeping the heat growing, despite everything in the hell no, run away column.

516FU2c-WZL._AA160_3. Worth the Weight by Eileen Palma will have you laughing out loud at this debut novel. When ‘mortal’ enemies come together at the dog park, romance is strangled. Kate Richards is the founder of KidFit, while Jack Moskowitz runs Considerable Carriages, which profits off of childhood obesity. Reading about these two people shows that you can be on the opposite ends of an issue and, despite your own narrow minded ideals, can learn to see it in a new light because of the one you can help loving. This rom-com will have you toning up those abs through your laugh muscles.


I’ve just started reading The Divorce Papers, that uses correspondence to tell the story, a format I love, when done right and this has been done right. I can’t believe it took me this long to pick it up, although given that my home is a small library it’s no real surprise. I’m delighted there are so many gems in my collection.


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