Fashion Week Event: With a Phone That Only Takes Selfies…Ramble

I love glamour. The idea of it. The effortless chic looks on glossy pages or the silver screen. It’s a break from the mundane and it brightens up daily life, so when my friend Dorothy invited me to Valetina Kova’s Fashion Show Event at The Mondrian Hotel – Rooftop, of course, I immediately rescheduled my evening to join her. Dorothy is one of those incredibly cool people who has always pulled off bright splashes of color in her outfits and accessories, especially her glasses’ frames.

We arrived and bumped into my other friend Jazmine and her man Matt in the queue for the elevator, delivering us not only to a room full of models decked in bright clothing, sunglasses and utter chic, but a 180 view of Downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn that was breathtaking. That all calls for shuttersnapping, which I did, within boundaries. A few weeks ago, an ice coffee in a bag fell over without my immediate knowledge, into a bag holding my phone. Drying it through the ‘rice method’, it got better each day, although there is a visible ice coffee stain inside the phone. Last week the phone, while a little slower in switching between apps, but still very usable, had a new limitation – it will only take photos in the ‘selfie’- mode. Challenge accepted! See the fun results below and since I’m not in most of them we are calling them ‘reverse’ selfies, not regular photos. The models, the DJ and friends snapped were all very good-natured about it and had a lot of fun working the selfie mode. Thank you all especially Dorothy for being such wonderful participants! #NYFW2014

Look at those rings!
Look at those rings!

IMG_3832 IMG_3826 IMG_3830 IMG_3829 IMG_3827 IMG_3833 IMG_3835 IMG_3836 IMG_3840 IMG_3837 IMG_3838 IMG_3823


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