Run Baby Run…Ramble

Following my post about mixing up my exercise routine, I was discussing it with Jillian Wright, amazing spin teacher extraordinaire. Jillian is, BTW, one of a handful of ‘Master’ level spin instructors in CT. I went to a new doctor last week and got a physical as part of my ‘jump start’ into fall and being accountable. Beyonce started singing in my head “uh oh, uh oh, oh no no no no” and not in that sexy ’50 Shades’ version. Mmm, it turns out summer and all my baking and indulging in drinks with friends added up to 7 extra lbs. I’m 5’4″ that is not good. 

I left the doctor, went home, changed into my workout clothes and went running for an hour. Running leans me out so quickly. Sorry yoga, you have to take a backseat if I don’t have time for a two-a-day. I’ve already lost two pounds but let’s do the math on those five remaining pounds:

3500 calories= a lb.

3500 x 5 = 17,500 Calories 

Daily caloric intake should be 1500-2000, on the lower side when trying to lose weight. 

17,500 /2000 = 7. 5 – that’s 8.75 DAYS of extra complete daily intake I overate/drank worth of calories.  

Oh, Coco! Uh oh, uh oh, oh no no no NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Such a funny feeling and your love (AKA my fat, get away from my body) can do what no one else can”: 

I think of all the hours I put in at the gym – Zumba x 3, spin x 2, yoga x 1 and a day off for my muscles. Aiya. Since I’ve done the math I have added running back to the mix. I’ve upped my game in spin class and dropped yoga in favor of running. There are two important weddings of people who are really wonderful friends in the near future, who also happen to be, to quote Zoolander “really, really good looking” and let’s face it, people have wedding photos forever. Those things can really haunt a person and make me feel for all those people who’s photos were hacked and exposed to the entire world. *I didn’t search or see any until the person sitting next to me at dinner brought out her phone (she was on it the whole dinner how exhausting and hello, bad manners), and held it up to my face to show me one of a couple I didn’t recognize with their naked backs brushing their teeth. Um, who cares? Sort of cute if they sent it as a joke? Eh, not worth violating someone’s privacy, but back to the exercising and accountability.

This week Jillian’s Cyclesanity program included a six minute segment where we had to track distance, with the goal of getting as close to two miles as possible. Came in at 2.3 so she told me next week I have to do better. Trust me, my legs are short. That was a total powerplay for me, but goals are a huge motivator for me and I’m a fierce competitor, even with myself. Seven pounds, now five, hope you liked your free ride because you are over and I’m “back on it” with vigor and by that I mean my heart rate is going to be up in the zone at 85% use rate. 

Dear Fat, you should’ve known better than to mess with me harder, now I’m gonna love you like a Black Widow Baby:



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