Crush of the Week: Trent Reznor

I’ve been called ‘the teen queen’ for a long time. As a professional music programmer and interviewer of pop stars, I love the joy of pop music. Life is too short not to dance. My crush on Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, will then come as a surprise to some people.

I love to see live shows and have seen everyone from the popstars who give you an instant tooth ache they are so sweet and sugary, to the incredibly gifted YoYo Ma (I have a degree in classical music), and rock acts like Tool. I can appreciate the degree of talent and sheer performance skills in any performer, even if I’m in China and my mother is falling asleep on my shoulder while we’re in the first row at The Beijing Opera.

Friday night my friend Tina and I went to Jones Beach, now Nikon’s Jones Beach, a place I have been to many times over the course of my life as a Long Islander. (That’s Long, not Strong Island!) Soundgarden was the opener, Chris Cornell still sexy as ever, screaming rock songs, but the crowd, still a little distracted.

Then it was time, the stage was almost entirely empty. It looked like after a show takes place, being broken down, just a green screen and a lone microphone in the middle of it. Strutting out on to command the stage, one lone man dressed entirely in black with shitkicker boots on, grabbing hold on the mic, commanding attention. A keyboard appeared, music bounced through the night air while the song built and other musicians joined Trent, building. Throughout the next several songs the set took hold, changing and morphing with lighting and staging throughout the performance, Trent growing more magnetic with each song.


The whole vision was incredible, riveting, rendering me speechless. Thank you NIN, thank you Trent, thank you Tina for taking me. If you get a chance to see NIN live go, even if you think it’s not your taste, go, you know more songs than you think and the sheer artistry of the entire night is like being part of an art installation.


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