Crush of the Week: Maleficent The Magnificent…Ramble

We’ve all checked in to the Heartbreak Hotel. Some people sabotage the other person, others prefer to take action but hold the root of the betrayal close to their hearts because it is too painful to voice the actions out loud. Maleficent suffers from the former predicament, betrayed by the man she considered her true love. 

Angelina Jolie takes on this role as a villain/hero, a complicated character who addresses some real life concerns. How far would you go for revenge? How much can you give yourself over to a broken heart, spreading the despair to everyone around you, until fear replaces the love and laughter you once shared? What would it take to get over a betrayal so unspeakable, it causes others to weep while you wreck your havoc, losing a piece of your soul with every action? 

I went in with little expectations, after seeing headlines saying even Angelina couldn’t save this clunker. Oh critics, how wrong you are and how wonderful a film it is. Strong females, betrayal, madness, revenge and, of course, the truth about ‘true love’. How marvelous. 


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