My Top Choices For Great Coffee in Brooklyn…Ramble

The NY Times Coffee Map left a lot to be desired for the outer boroughs because apparently we are all using solar energy instead of being fueled by heavenly coffee. Perhaps they just didn’t want to us to be overcaffeinated? Is that possible? (Yes!) Or maybe they are lazy? Or should change the name of the map to just be a Manhattan Map? Either way we love coffee and we’ve got a helluva a lot of great places to get it in the BK. “In Brooklyn we go hard,” yeah, we need the java to fuel our activism, digerati and literati actions. Cherry Blossom Trees are in bloom so take a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, we won’t bite you and explore the magical land known as Brooklyn. Here are a few places you can get your java:


1. Brooklyn Roasting Company is located one block in from the water.  The Maple Latte is available hot or cold. All their coffee is fair-trade and organic. For those who love a crafted brew, French Press is one of BRC’s favorite ways of making coffee and won’t let you down.

25 Jay Street
Brooklyn NY 11201

2. One Girl’s Cookies can handle your sweet tooth and coffee needs at the same time. Bonus fact: their cold brew uses ice cubes made of frozen coffee. I do this at home now, so when that ice melts, it doesn’t dilute the coffee.

33 Main St (corner of Water) 
Brooklyn NY 11201
p. 347.338.1268

Now, my final selection may have raise eyebrows, but this is absolutely my favorite place to get coffee not only because they serve Colombe coffee which is insanely amazing (and has two shops in Manhattan), but they are dog friendly. In fact, they have dog treats so if you are walking around with your fur baby, there’s no need to risk dognapping, bring them in and take a look around at the very cool:

3. West Elm Market:

50 Washington Street
BrooklynNY 11201
(718) 522-3498

Honorable mention for a hot beverage goes to Jacques Torres for their hot chocolate and happens to have an ice cream shop open during the summer at 60 and 62 Water Street.

Taking the place and filling you with delicious rugelach (the chocolate ones are devine), previously Ecopolis Cafe, reopened about a year ago and hello yes, they have a Steampunk coffee machine that’ll make any coffee-hound pass out with an eye orgasm.

4. Roogia

180 Smith Street (corner of Warren, perfect place to take refuge if your pet is at VERG)
Cobble Hill, BK


5. Blue Bottle Coffee: this adorable branch of the Blue Bottle family, is purely delightful. The New Orleans cold brew ice coffee is already sweet and the staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. One of the baristas gushed to me this the best job he has ever had and he loves working there.

85 Dean St.,
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Have a hankering for a larger, sit-down with a plethora of treats, no attitude and relatively quiet work space? You’ll love Swedish spot:

6. Konditori

186 Fifth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217


As with One Girl’s Cookies, there are two locations for this great coffee shop, the newest of which is right by the Barclay Center, so that might help those of you who want to fuel up for events. If you’ve ever seen the amazing red and black bags of beans you can buy at Whole Foods (which I do), now get some freshly brewed java to make your tongue sing with delight and be forewarned, it is powerful:


97 5th Avenue (corner of Park Place) Park Slope Brooklyn

and by Barclay’s:
472 Bergen Street (just off of Flatbush Ave) Park Slope Brooklyn

Wow, that brings us to half way through the list and my fingers are shaking with caffeinated excitement.

Yes, sometimes I do find myself there and always think, I need to come back here more often. There’s no place I like to meet more than Toby’s Estate Coffee for a flat white. It makes me feel like I’m in Sydney, which I miss terribly. So take a holiday, order a macaroon and make way for all the hipsters and their army of laptops at:


25 North 6th Street
BrooklynNew York
 (347) 457 6160
If you are a fan of coffee and the HBO show ‘GIRLS” you are familiar with the next choice and know exactly what to expect. The flagship of the grumpy empire, this location does have WI-FI.
193 Meserole Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(718) 349-7623
Well, if you are looking to save any wild life that has the unfortunate fate of heading into the Gowanus, you’ll need some powerful brew. Head to:
541 3rd Ave
Ste A
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Mmm, time to brew up a fresh cup.





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