Girls…We Run This Motha with the Beygency…Ramble

Queen B, the mantle Lorde covets in ‘Royals’, the one Lil’ Kim used to make claim to, but everyone knows sits firmly atop that of Beyonce. Bey, you a grown woman, you do what you wanna do. That’s why you were able (with help) to make a secret album that is better than your previous effort, release it with zero marketing and hit numero uno. I personally call Zumba, “Exhaustion Set To Beyonce” and let me tell you I let out a huge cry of ‘no!!!!!!’ when Antonio, one of the Zumba teachers I love, tried to skip Beyonce yesterday. Oh HELL no. Who are we? We are girls, we run the world. Who run this motha? GIRLS!

Literally my name ‘Colleen’ is Gaelic for girl, so I run this world especially during ZUMBA with the help of Beyonce.

I was out all over two states last night and felt celebrated, by other women who I haven’t seen in a minute and had never met. Women, we are killing it. We are making our own rules and we are not alone. So let’s not take each other down and let’s hail to Queen B, because if you don’t stepping to the left, to the left may be the last thing you do………..:


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