Only Gamble On Love…Ramble

A few days ago I was delayed in the Las Vegas Airport so I hit the Dolly Parton slot machines, sucking down a much needed ice coffee from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and watched for updates that our flight would actually leave.

I told a friend what I was doing and she told me “only bet on love.” My reaction was different than the last few months, which were spent dealing with some major heart break. Major. It’s like that scene in all the Alien movies when the creature bursts forth out of the humans’ chests- painful and unnecessary.

What if you bet it all on love and it kicked you in the teeth? Maybe taking up Zumba, aka exhaustion via Beyonce songs, will help. After all once you’ve been humiliated by love or lust or a crush or just life in general, shouldn’t you let it all hang out? Beyonce ‘Run The World (Girls)’ and ‘Grown Woman‘ are always going to be the crowd favorites:

However, a little foray into some air guitar and zombie moves with jumps to P!nk’s “So What” let me vent my frustrations:

And you know what? He is a tool, a rake of the highest degree. I was working at Sony when that P!NK album came out and it just cemented how much I j’adore P!NK and her sass. How did I lose sight of my own? Of course, P!NK’s self-expression lead to a reconciliation and mine has lead to me going big in ZUMBA. But so what? “You are obviously the superstar of this relationship” will always stick with me as I almost busted my ankle pounding into the wood floors a few days ago. When you bet it all on love, when you lose, the pain can be a crushing vice splintering the shards of your broken heart into dust, but yet you have to bet it all if you want to win. And, fellas, I’m worth winning.


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