Crush of the Week: Kit Harington…Ramble

Game of Thrones fans do not have to wait until April to swoon over Kit Harington. The Londoner stars in “Pompeii” in theaters today. Those who have managed not to give a crap (too much gore/sex/dragons/hot men/creepy white walkers/the brutal red wedding) about ‘Game of Thrones’, or are completely TV free now have a chance to swoon over Kit on the big screen, playing a slave turned gladiator. Hmm, sounds a little familiar, but no this is not a rehash of Russell Crowe’s unforgettable performance in ‘Gladiator’, it is a love story, from what I gather a bit ‘Gladiator’ meets ‘Troy’ with a switch that the object of lust, I mean love, instead of being the forbidden Helen, is Kit’s character. Well hello Hollywood, I like that twist as much as I like action movies and historical fiction so bring it!

As a romance writer, Kit is extremely hero inspiring. That soft voice, the sullen, yet sexy looks, and the rock hard abs he earned for this role is all a recipe for swooning. Yeah, yeah, don’t be so superficial you’re thinking. He is a very decent actor, classically trained with deep royal ties in the family tree. Even at under 5’8″ Kit is a powerhouse of extreme sexy.


I also really like to dance around singing Bastille’s “Pompeii” any chance I get, maybe my crush is on anything having to do with Pompeii? HA! Nah, but please enjoy the amazing Bastille’s SNL performance of ‘Bastille’ and think of Kit as you dance around singing ‘A-a- oh aaaaa-ooo, aaaaa, aaaaa-ooo, how ammmIgonnabeanoptomistaboutthis?’


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