Crush of the Week: Olympians…Ramble

Americans are never more proud to beat our chests with patriotism than watching The Olympics. The Winter Olympics provide a lot of tasty ‘dude’ eye candy for all of us at home. Have you found yourself saying ‘rad’ frequently since SAGE Kostenburg won a gold medal for snowboarding? Bro, the blizzard is in honor of Sage coming to NY for the first time, to make him feel in his element. 

Still has there been any more pride-inducing fever than the THREE Americans on the podium for free style skiing? 


Gold medalist, Joss Christensen dedicated his win to his dad, who passed away while he was on a plane overseas. The same thing happened to my dad, although I was flying overseas on vacation, but it makes this win all the more awesome to me personally. My eyes are glued to watching these athletes fly through the sky, soaring faster than a lot of people drive, with ease and determination. Thank you for inspiring us Joss, Nick and Gus. USA! Your smiles and amazing attitude are so refreshing and revitalizing. Big love to you and your families. 


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