Throw Your Arms Around Me…Ramble

I’ve been thinking about happier times to get through difficult challenges of the moment. Maxims are not really a comfort, but the only way out is through does resonate in my mind. Then I picked up a photo album from back in the day with some of my first adventures in Sydney. Along with photographs, there is, of course, the music that my friends and I loved and created memories listening to, singing and buying *yes people actually buy music!

Here’s an Australian classic from the band Hunters and Collectors, covered by Neil Finn. The performance was taped at SXSW in Austin back in the day. I know because it was done for a website I used to work at called, which is now, oddly enough a brand revived out of Australia by Universal. We did merge with for a while, which is denoted on the notes of the posting. Good times. Without further ado….I share this unforgettable song.


As a bonus, for all my fellow dog lovers, on the eve of my Elle’s fourth birthday tomorrow, the wonderful “Lester”, Neil wrote about a family dog.

I hope you enjoy these precious gems as much as I do.


One thought on “Throw Your Arms Around Me…Ramble

  1. They have two sons, Liam Mullane Finn (born 1983) (Split Enz’s “Our Day” was written about his birth) and Elroy Timothy Finn (born 1989). Both sons are multi-instrumentalists, like their father, and often perform alongside him on tour and in the recording studio. Liam had his own band, Betchadupa , originally based in Auckland , then London before releasing a solo album, I’ll Be Lightning in 2008. He also played in Crowded House ‘s touring band lineup in 2007. Elroy Finn is also following in his father and brother’s musical footsteps as drummer for the psychobilly band The Tricks and has previously filled in on drums for Cut Off Your Hands . Elroy began touring as Liam’s drummer in 2011 to promote Liam’s second album ‘FOMO’.

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