Into Temptation…Ramble

The vortex of cold makes going outdoors a challenge, but no match for a dog’s bladder. This morning we were out rather early so Elle could ‘do her business’. I couldn’t get back to sleep. Lyrics crept into my head, which sometimes I refer to as a broken jukebox……

The guilty get no sleep, the last few hours of morning, experience is cheap, I should’ve listened to the warning,

but the cradle is soft and warm

Indeed the cradle was soft and warm, but not without edges. Sometimes you have to give into temptation, even knowing full well the earth will rebel. When the spell is broken, reality is a cold, cruel mistress, especially in the heart of winter months. Here’s hoping you cannot relate to what I’m feeling and just enjoy the magic that is Crowded House.


2 thoughts on “Into Temptation…Ramble

  1. I don’t understand how it’s possible for me to have NEVER heard this song before today. Tsk.

    Seems to me there’s quite a bit of suckage beneath this post, for which I’m sorry. I hope the ick leaves you soon. ((((((((((You))))))))))

    • Hey Mina,
      Coming through the other side …and thank you. Crowded House is one of my all time favorite bands, still listen to them all the time. Neil Finn is pure magic. xx

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