R.I.P. Paul Walker…Ramble

Last night I was out with a friend who was a little surprised how in shock and upset I am about Paul Walker’s tragic fiery death last Saturday. Paul was one of my all time favorite Hollywood actors. It wasn’t just his hypnotic ocean blue eyes, winning smile, that wavy blonde hair and great physique that attracted me to Paul, it was his personality and his love of sharks.


You can’t find a person saying anything bad about Paul. Even the claims that he was street racing were dismissed because he was aware as a famous actor who stars in films about that kind of racing, it would encourage others to take dangerous risks. The jeweler who stepped up to tell the story of how Paul anonymously paid for a soldier’s engagement ring is only one of the many great stories about how generous and real Paul Walker was and amounts to the loss of a great guy, a great human who used his popularity for the benefit of all.

I recently saw an interview with Walker speaking about the Davidoff campaign and how he had thought by now he would retire but was having too much fun. He loved being a dad and my heart goes out to his teenage daughter Meadow. I’d just like to tell her -your Dad brought a lot of smiles to people through the big screen and through his every day generosity. Thank you for sharing him with all of us.

Hope Paul is racing at unbeatable speeds in the sky. R.I.P.


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